Our next TenderNight will be on August 4th, 2011 at Cafe Royale (800 Post, at Leavenworth) – from 8 to 10pm.

This will be in partnership with 200 Yards which, if you’re photographer, you should totally check out. So there will be a photographic exhibit featuring the 200 yards around Cafe Royal, fine soju/sake cocktails, wine and beer for purchase at the bar, a pop-up Soapy Soaps sale, and of course, lots of Tenderlocals and generally cool people for mingling.

TenderNights is an exquisite get together to celebrate the neighborhood amongst friends and just a few of our best enemies, to drink and share stories. You can read about our past events such as the Party in my Loin on August 18, 2010, the Love/Hate DrinkUp on November 18, 2010 and the post-Valentine Happy Hour on February 19th.

If you want to perform or want to promote your Tenderloin business/art/photography/music/etc at our next TenderNight or want to participate in it in more than a drinking capacity, contact us

Until the next TenderNight, read about the 1st Party in my Loin in August 2010 and check out some pictures we took.

And also find out who came and won what at the Love/Hate Drinkup in Novemer 2010.