Market Street cluster

This week was not a good one for those commuting through downtown. There were a couple of incidents, including a woman getting winged by a bus at Market and Seventh and then a collision at Market and Ninth. Naturally, when this happens it knocks all the Muni transportation offline and people either get to sit and wait it out or take a walk.

It hasn’t bothered me that much as I’ve been on strike from Muni since January as I find that the system is failed and that I can get anywhere less than three miles away faster by walking. But for those who do have to take it, this is crap. It goes in to the argument that I’ve stood by for a long time in that San Francisco really needs more underground (or elevated) metro lines to serve it.

For some reason whenever I propose non-street level routes to run down Geary as well as in a Downtown Loop route that does Van Ness, maybe Mission, and Embarcadero, people look at me with hate in their eyes. It’s like I’ve spit on their grandmother or something. This is of course followed by “oh yeah, that will never happen so shut up”. Why? Why can’t we plan for this? Yeah, I know, it will cost a fortune, but having a functioning society costs something and San Francisco isn’t getting smaller–quite the contrary which is why they’re building Central Subway as they see a huge pile of growth coming about in SOMA.

We still need more lines because can it really be the case that whenever a pigeon farts in an inclement way on Market Street that the entire transportation system grinds to a halt? That may be how you run a small town, but an actual city, no way.

Do you have a chair to spare?

Apparently, someone was incredibly tired of the three seat arrangement at the old Muni bus shelters (I mean seriously, who came up with the magic number of three?) and decided that a chair should be added to the shelter of the 19 at the corner of Polk & Sutter to round out the seating options. Then of course, not to be outdone, the shelter across the street now apparently has five seating options. Next thing you know someone might place an efficient driver in the buses so that they will get places on time…

Jane Kim was Biked to Work

As you all know, it was Bike to Work Day today, which came nearly a month and a half after we all enjoyed a Walk to Work Day. Does this mean the other 363 days of the year are Drive to Work days or is there a Be Late to Work Day to promote usage of Muni and other such days that we don’t know about?

Anyways, we’re sure that like us, you saw the throngs of cyclists all over the city this morning, happily cycling to work like there was no tomorrow and enjoying all the “energizer stations” spread around town. And among them was, of course, our illustrious D6 supe Jane Kim. But not on her own like most everyone else, but in a tandem led by one lucky Bike Coalition staff member named Peter Masiak.

You see, Jane Kim told the crowds today that being a “city girl” she never learned how to ride a bike. We assume she did learn how to wear fashionable clothes and heels, which she sported on the tandem bike for the enjoyment of the Dressup Challenge judges and bloggers alike (such as Fog City Journal where we took these two photos from, or Mission Local who took the detail of her red shoes). Obviously, you can see how much everyone is in to her political work as an official which is uh… non-pledge centric I guess.

In case you wanted to see some more photos of the Bike to Work Day events at the Civic Center, Fog City Journal has quite the spread. Also, if you like biking around San Francisco consider doing it every day. Streetsblogs SF has a nice overview of the increased bike infrastructure you can now enjoy in this city.

The “trendyloin” was walked

For those who may have missed it (as you probably do it everyday anyway) Walk San Francisco had their Trendyloin walk yesterday, taking people on a short walking tour through the Tenderloin, Tendernob, and Nob Hill. As you can see from the photo set posted on Facebook most of them were dressed up in full North Face attire, hats, backpacks and hiking boots as if they were going to take on Half Dome. They also didn’t really delve in the actual heart of Loinland (the OC level is rather high as of late afterall), but that’s how it goes.

While we’re big fans of walking in San Francisco, we didn’t make it out to the “event” as we were busy walking elsewhere for free and being nearly hit by those who still insist on driving in the city.

If any of our dear Tender readers tagged along for the walk, do let us know how it went.

Collision at McAllister & Hyde

Just to further prove there’s a car threatdown that exists in this neighborhood with drivers who don’t have a clue, we were walking back from a rather abysmal HOC Farmers’ Market and stopped at the corner of McAllister & Hyde just across the street from of UC Hastings. Blasting through the red light on McAllister came a guy driving a brand new Honda Odyssey. The Odyssey quickly became “new no more” as it got t-boned by a Nissan Altima that had just started to drive in to the intersection on his green light. The impact looks to have totaled the Altima and pretty much junked the Odyssey while in the process sending the later in a wicked 360 spin just like what poser skaters across the street from me can’t land.

Unfortunately for the Bluetooth sporting idiot driving the Odyssey (who would have probably hit us had we stepped in to the crosswalk as soon as it was green) there were a number of cops sitting at the intersection who probably not only witnessed the collision, but were on it in half a second, taking down the details. So, while there are guys like this freely cruising around as if they know the rules of driving, I’m still waiting for the DMV to send me a license that doesn’t have a misprinted, old expiration date on it like they’ve done three times already. Justice, it’s not there.

Supposed Parking

There’s good news for those annoyed with no parking zones in that the powers that be have decided on a new “wishy washy red zone” which is a parking space for anyone who thinks that they’re awesome enough to deserve it. Thanks to estro for capturing this brave new world of parking enforcement, as I had missed it while walking.

No foolin’, it’s Walk to Work Day

Seeing as how I’m officially On Strike from Muni (really, I am), I walked 3.5 miles back home last night after having an expensive, crap meal in Noe Valley surrounded by all that I hate about San Francisco. Apparently I was getting a jump on “Walk to Work” day, which is every year on the first Friday of April.

Naturally, you wouldn’t know it given all that flappity flap going around the web for April Fool’s Day (seriously people, either be insanely original and funny or stop fucking doing it) but both events didn’t slip past our illustrious supe Jane Kim who decided to walk to work from Civic Center (as pictured below). You might be thinking, “Wait, doesn’t she work at Civic Center?” When she’s working and actually checking her voicemail instead of being late to meetings, yes, she does indeed work at Civic Center. So she both celebrated April Fool’s Day and mocked alternative transportation methods in the same breath. How’s that for multi-tasking!

Photo from Walk San Francisco's Facebook Page

The Muni alternative for grocery shopping

So this morning, like every Sunday, we went to the HOC Farmers’ Market and on our way back home we saw this guy struggling uphill on Leavenworth. As you can see, he was carrying tons of groceries on his bike, which made him swerve wildly from side to side. It was quite a sight, mainly due to the pink hoodie and matching helmet he was wearing. It was amazing considering how few stalls there were today at the market, that he managed to find so many groceries…

Eventually, at around Eddy, he got off the bike and started walking. Later we saw him pedaling towards Nob Hill, past Pine. Quite a trek. He probably thinks that waiting for the 27 is for suckers (it is), and doesn’t have a cardboard box laying around to make himself a DIY shopping cart. We felt so inferior on foot…

I shall call it: Mini-Shelter

This incredibly micro-sized new Muni shelter is on Hyde along the backside of the Public Library. It’s weird. I guess they’re not planning on very many people to be standing there waiting for it, despite the the fact we’re often waiting for drivers to pick up snacks or taking naps and we all grow older. So, why put a shelter at all? Those trees there are nice. I mean, this shelter seems incredibly stunted when put alongside the stretch jobs down at Powell Station or even the normal size you see elsewhere.

At least the taggers have something new to scribble on. I hope those things clean up easy because the one on Geary & Leavenworth has gone to hell already.

My name is AoA and I have a skater problem

I did a double take when I saw this flyer in the lobby of my building this morning. First of all, it is the Academy of Art admitting that there is a problem with the skater children that inhabit their dorms. That in and of itself was a shock because for those of you who only have the 24 hour sirens to deal with (both high and the new low one), you don’t get to enjoy the late night flap flap of poser skaters not being able to land their kick flips. It’s kinda like someone smashing a car window next to your couch, repeatedly.

But the more hilarious aspect to this is that the AoA doesn’t really get skater mentality which is based in the church of dontgiveafuckism and unless they’re really going to crack down on them skating in front of the dorms and classrooms all the time, there is little hope of them taking a shuttle to go and skate at a park as that has boundaries and skaters don’t like boundaries, they’re rebels, man.

I would applaud this effort, but I get the feeling it’s just being done as more of a “Look, we’re trying, grumpy people” type of thing than actually trying to deal with the real problem of students who obviously aren’t being kept busy enough by their studies (as shown by how many of them also serenade us with drums, guitars and/or ukuleles in addition to skating in front of dorms).