Won’t someone please save the cheetah boots

As faithful readers might know, we love boots. That’s why we were saddened to see this pair abandoned on Polk & Geary last night, probably because of the warm weather so their owner decided to wear sandals instead. Or it could be the whole “working girl”/”Ruby Skye” vibe that oozes out of every spot.

In case you didn’t know, beware of Cindy

Cindy is apparently a “federal info person”. I’m not sure what that is, but it seems to be something that’s worth writing about on a window ledge along Sutter Street. We’ll keep you apprised if the message moves to the sidewalk because in that instance, shit’s about to get real.

Second hand fridge market booming

I will not lie to you, my fridge sucks, sucks big. It keeps freezing up and I don’t really know what to do with this ice blocking the cold thing at the top of it. Do I use a hair dryer to fix that? Do I need to unplug it for a day? Any ideas?

I’d just toss this POS except that I don’t really feel like going out and getting my own fridge given that the building owns and thus (in theory) fixes this one. But it appears that for those who are in the market for a fridge, especially a used one, it is your time to shine. Those guys above were hauling that thing off of a 38 all the while giggling “Shit’s gonna be so cold now! No more warm ice cream, brah!” They then high-fived each other, dropped the fridge and started crying (ok, that last part might not be an accurate description of how the scene went…).

On a different, yet most likely related day, a couple of days later we saw this mofo for a mere $10 down at Le Marché. $10! And no, it wasn’t the same fridge the brahs were carrying above. If you were quick to act (really quick), I heard that they would even throw in a set of used pork cutlets to go with it. What a pillar of the free market that Marché!

Remembering the Tenderloin jungle

A comment by beerwad on our recent post about the restoration work done to the mural on the Mitchell Brothers Theatre (yes, it’s spelled in the classy theatre way) building asserted that the marine life scene in the mural is much better than the jungle scene that used to be there. That got us thinking, since we remembered that jungle scene to be quite nice (and it matched the theatre motto of “where the wild girls are“, ahem). So we went to our hand cranked photographic wayback machine of the Loin and looked for a picture of it. What we found was not of the best quality, but still enough to get an idea for those who hadn’t seen the jungle mural.

So what do you think, are whales and sharks better than tigers and rhinos? Or is it what’s on the inside that counts?

Magic cards at large

I mean seriously, what kind of a society do we live in where someone’s magic cards get stolen? That’s pretty fucked up. Next thing you know, we might have drive by wandings which I don’t even wanna think about. And no, the suspicious dude in the background either stuffing a hot dog in his face, blowing his nose, or both is apparently not a suspect. Nuthin’ magical going on there (except for the reward having doubled since the original posting, apparently).

Rage against the meter

These days Larkin Street is dirty and not in a good way. Is it just the wind or perhaps a complete lack of finding the trashcan? It’s debates like this that undoubtedly led to the rage against a poor, defenseless parking meter that was just doing its job until it was forcefully torn asunder and crapped next to-eth.

Honestly though, I thought these bastards were sunk in to the sidewalk about a foot. If I knew that a decent kung fu kick could take one out, my occasional parking battles (like four times a year) might take on a whole new light.

Fury hath no hell

This shot on California Beat from somewhere down Leavenworth sums up what are probably two of the main sources of frustration for many San Franciscans: parking and computers. The writing on the side of the smashed screen says, “A wise person needed” to which I might add, “…or anyone with a broom”.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Yes, it is that time of year when the ‘rents come to the city and retrieve the AoA dormrats that have been deposited in the TenderNob since last September. Following this we all usually enjoy a couple of weeks of “normal” hood noises (read: sirens & 2AM drunken “yeeeeeah!”), followed by a summer session and then, the mayhem starts up all over again.

Have a fun summer being misunderstood back home, kids!

Do you have a chair to spare?

Apparently, someone was incredibly tired of the three seat arrangement at the old Muni bus shelters (I mean seriously, who came up with the magic number of three?) and decided that a chair should be added to the shelter of the 19 at the corner of Polk & Sutter to round out the seating options. Then of course, not to be outdone, the shelter across the street now apparently has five seating options. Next thing you know someone might place an efficient driver in the buses so that they will get places on time…

Scenes from the 100th Bay to Breakers

Since this year it was the 100th Bay to Breakers we sucked it up and got up at the crack of dawn (actually, it was still dark when the alarm clock went off), and we headed down to see the race. Actually, one of us even ran it and all (under 1:20!).

This year’s race seemed tamer, probably due to the crackdown on alcohol, but even before 7:00am we saw people in costumes around our neighborhood such as the ones pictured above that I spotted on Geary at Hyde as soon as I left the house. Unfortunately, we didn’t see anyone dressed as a tenderloin (only a group of bacon slices).

Speaking of the crackdown on alcohol, although everyone in the race proper seemed to be drinking Vitamin water or Gatorade, we saw tons of police (some of them on bicycles!) snatching beers and other alcoholic beverages off of the racers hands and dumping them on the drain. Others were making the runners dump the beer themselves, like naughy children.

Of course, this prompted a lot of references in the choice of costumes, such as groups dressed as sexy cops, alcohol checkpoints or the sobriety tent below.

We were expecting some Bin Laden-related costumes, but didn’t spot any. On the other hand, several groups were paying tribute to Charlie Sheen’s winning obsession.

And last but not least, another favorite costume choice was the hideous hat worn by Princess Beatrice at William and Kate’s royal wedding.