Tenderbits: Tempeh, Bombs, and Songs

  • Can you find tempeh in the proposed Tempeh District? As expected, not really. This morning two independent food research teams, one led by the Kauffman and another by our crack investigative team (which is pretty much the same as our meth investigative team), found no evidence of tempeh in the neighborhood’s markets. Next up, a trip to PETA to find a collective ounce of common sense. [Foodie]
  • Speaking of the Tempeh District, Capt. Joe Garrity, commanding officer of the city’s Tenderloin police station, thinks a more appropriate name might be ”Lipitor”. Thus proving once again that the first thing on our police force’s mind is medication for high cholesterol–and Little Henry’s. [City Insider]
  • ‘Trash Thieves: Should We Let ‘Em Be or Stomp ‘Em Out?’ Or both or nothing, whatever’s easiest because man, I’m freakin’ tired. [The Snitch]
  • “Man responsible for SF bomb scare arrested”. Now if only men responsible for banging my garbage cans at 6AM could be fired. [ABC7 ]
  • Exclusive photos of the International Art Museum of America gala. (Psst, it’s conceptual art.) [Bluoz]
  • We’re totally addicted to Andrew Dalton’s Board of Supervisors Weekly Power Rankings (apparently Jane Kim is always late). It’s like watching a race of turds. [SFist]
  • Jay Barmann wants everyone who isn’t addicted to Oxycontin to please start patronizing Sixth Street businesses like Show Dogs, Passion Café, and Rancho Parnassus. Methheads are still okay as long as they get their food to-go and don’t ask to use the bathrooms. [Grubstreet]
  • “Minimize the porn you were watching, or whatever it is you do on your computer and take a virtual tour of my studio”, says our friend and TL artist Hugh Leeman. If only the porn would minimize, if only… [White Walls Blog]
  • Who really benefits from the Twitter tax-cut deal? Yeah, we know, we know, it’s four pages long, but it’s super meaty, and tempeh-free. [SF Bay Guardian]
  • “In my opinion, there is no other studio more suited to San Francisco’s songs than Hyde Street. Its paneled walls, soiled carpets and tattered sound proofing hold more SF songs than anywhere else in our City by the Bay.” [I live here SF]

Never Stop Dreaming by Erik Wilson, from our Tender Flickr Pool.

Tenderbits: Sit, Taxes & More

Sometimes we find interesting articles that we want to share here, but which somehow fall through the cracks. Here are some of those juicy bits that have been laying around our drafts for far too long…

  • SEIU1021, the largest city employees union that wields substantial political influence, is opposing he controversial proposed tax break for companies such as Twitter to move to the Mid-Market are. Their proposal so they’ll be happier with the legislation: to carve the Tenderloin out of the plan. Probably because there are so many hotels here, but mainly because SEIU loves shit and fucking with it. [City Insider]
  • Do you know what tourists hate most about San Francisco? Take a wild guess. According to a survey by the SF Travel Association, it’s panhandlers. And you probably thought it was a lack of parking, poor you. [The Snitch]
  • Now guess what issue San Franciscans rated as the city’s top problem in a poll by the Chamber of Commerce. Beating out jobs and the economy, Muni and eduction, people said it’s… homelessness. I know, I’m as shocked as you are. Maybe we should have the homeless drive Muni and teach the kids, thus stimulating the economy and killing four birds with one stone. [City Insider]
  • Jane Kim is looking to eliminate commissions/task forces to save money. This guy‘s favorite is the Shopping Cart Task Force. Obviously we’re gonna have to start saving somehow while handing out selective tax breaks to corporations. [The Snitch]
  • Apparently an ice-cream vendor in Staten Island sold huge quantities of oxycodone out of his Lickety Split truck. But in the TL the dealers don’t need to disguise themselves to sell OCs, they just sell them out in the open. Are they going to be exempted from taxes for the foot traffic their business brings to the area as well? [New York Post]
  • Although the controversial sit-lie ordinance was to be enforced by February, a couple of weeks ago it was reported that it was stalled due to a print shop delay (in printing with the multilingual cards which officers will present to people they make contact with as part of the enforcement). Then a week ago the police seemingly started enforcing it in the Haight, but without citations. Until today it doesn’t really look like it’s being enforced in the TL… as that would constitute SFPD actually doing some work in this area. [Examiner (1), (2)]
  • Speaking of sit-lie’s lack of enforcement in the TL, it might be because of the innovative approach of some of our dear neighbors. We will get you yet, you scofflaw with Prop O: The Anti Office Furniture Re-use Policy [The Tens]
  • Apparently the owner of Burmese Kitchen buys laphet, the fermented tea leaves which serve as a base for the famous tea leaf sald, directly from a small farm in Burma and carries them back himself, making multiple trips in a year. His tea leaf salad, which features unchopped leaves, is considered by some as one of the most authentic in San Francisco. We are no experts, but when we tried it we found it to be quite tasty. [SF Chronicle]
  • According to Scoutmob readers, The Tender is one of the local blogs they “can’t get enough of”. Something else from Scoutmob that recently made us very happy: a 50% discount code for the awesome Leftovers consignment store on Sutter (home of the three-legged kitteh). We just got ourselves some super-duper cheap, fancy shelves… [Scoutmob Finds, Scoutmob Deals]

Keep it Real picture by Erik Wilson, from The Tender’s Flickr pool.

Tenderbits for a rainy weekend

Much like the dust on the floor, links have been accumulating in our inboxes, and it’s Friday with weather that inspires inducing a coma. So here’s some reading for you:

  • The Arts Commission is now accepting proposals from San Francisco-based artists with Connections to the Central Market “neighborhood” to participate in the next round of Art in Storefronts. The deadline is March 7 to submit and/or thumb through a Thesaurus for more ways to say, “mid”. [SF Arts Commission]
  • Beware, STDs Are on the Rise in San Francisco! Syphilis alone has sharply increased by nearly 30 percent, after a short-lived decline in 2008. Also apparently on the rise: sexy times! [The Snitch]
  • What do you think is the worst taqueria in San Francisco? According to The Tens, it’s El Castillito on Golden Gate between Larkin and Hyde. He finds Taqueria Castillo B on McAllister pretty repulsive, too. Why can’t the Mission and SOMA swap locations? [The Tens]
  • Have you been enjoying the controversy over live chicken sales at the HOC Famers’ Market? No? Well, whatever, the sellers are now being sued, and you can enjoy reading four pages all about it. Keep your sharp objects hidden for the duration. [SF Bay Guardian]
  • The Sit/lie ban enforcement is temporarily on hold, so you can keep on sitting. Keep on lying. Or keep lying about sitting, for instance, I’ve been standing aaaaaall day. [The City Insider]
  • This is why people hate San Francisco: Muni. Even the homeless don’t want to ride it and, honestly, neither do we as living Loinward makes it faster to walk to just about anywhere in the city, except the Outer Sunset and well, yeah. [SFist]
  • Has your bike been stolen? It turns out you can get a new one for peanuts (or the same one that got stolen) at the Bill Graham Memorial Bicycle Thieves Market in the shadow of San Francisco’s City Hall. That solves the Muni problem. [SF Citizen]
  • Shawn is a nice guy we met one day at the Tenderloin National Forest who lives on O’Farrell at Mason. “I love where I live, because you see life 24 hours a day”, he says. “I never feel lonely here, because you could always go for a walk and see a lot of people on the streets”. [I live here SF]
  • Hitchcock should have shot “The Birds” in the Tenderloin. Instead, we just got that stupid Vertigo film, pfft. [Caliber]
  • Time for a new motto, San Francisco as “where gayz come to playz” has been overdone. [The Tenderloin Geographic Society]
  • There are only two days left to catch the play Clybourne Park at ACT Theater, so go see while you still can. Perique Blend thinks it does really good job of bringing up issues around gentrification “and our inability to have a discussion about them”. Just don’t ask us to talk about the play after wards because we’ll tell you to shut up. [Butterfly Stories]

Photo of a rainy day in the Tenderloin by CT Young, from The Tender’s Flickr Pool.

Tenderbits: RATs, partying, and offense

  • San Francisco’s next bi-annual count of homeless persons will take place on Thursday, January 27, 2011 from 7pm to 12am and they need more volunteers. As Andrew Dalton over at SFist points out, since some of you already make it a personal hobby to note anyone sitting/lying along your route to work, you’re already qualified. [Local Homeless Coordinating Board]
  • SF Planning Commissioner Hisashi Sugaya apparently offended Tenderloin residents (and by residents, they mean representatives of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic who mostly don’t live in the hood) with a drug joke. The “community” demands apology (really? we’ve heard worse –we’re looking at you, Chron). [The Snitch]
  • Despite the recent introduction of double fines for traffic citations pedestrian accidents on Van Ness Avenue have skyrocketed in the past two years, especially at the intersections with Market and Geary. Stupid pedestrians, this is obviously your fault, when will you ever learn… [SF Examiner]
  • SFPD has been running Robbery Apprehension Teams (colloquially known as RATs), sending plainclothes officers into the street to draw out would-be robbers. Unsurprisingly, the majority of their operations from 2007 to 2010 were conducted in the Tenderloin. Jeff Adachi is calling RAT a rat, alleging that SFPD is intentionally targeting poor neighborhoods and people of color to boost arrest numbers. When asked if his head was up his ass, Adachi decried that as an offense to all who suffer from recto-cranial inversion and get free parking at City Hall and Muni because of it. Jeff’s so sly… [The Informant/KALW News]
  • Todd Gilens (who recently designed sloped bike racks that can be seen around the Civic Center) has now painted four Muni buses with images of endangered species. With this project, named Endanger Bus, he hopes people will see public transportation in a different light. Or as a rarity of nature, much like Muni buses running more than once an hour. [Muni Diaries]
  • Blogger finds abandoned boxer briefs, used condom and male enhancement pills on the streets of… not the Tenderloin! Ingleside better back off and not be stealing our thunder. [Hoodscope]
  • Winnie, the bartender at Cinnabar, is friendly and pretty. Just so you know. Now if only the hot bartender/great bartender threshold could be crossed some day. [My life, as far as I know]
  • Woman blatantly violating San Francisco’s sit/lie law on O’Farrell Street outside of Great American Music Hall. Shame on her. [The Tens]
  • Plywood preview of French cafe Mirtille, coming soon to a big space on MacAllister by the UN Plaza. Their liquor license should be approved just in time for the 2013 yacht races. [Eater SF]
  • Show Dogs unveiled their new breakfast menu yesterday, featuring the Sunrise ShowDog with maple bacon sausage, egg, piperade, organic cheddar, and arugula served with celery root (!) hash browns ($7.95). That might be a tad too fancy for most of us who can’t taste the difference between deep fried dirt and quiche lorraine in the AM. Just sayin’.[Grubstreet SF]
  • Some claim alcohol doesn’t actually kill brain cells. Those who walk around the Tenderloin regularly might disagree, but they’re probably stoned, so screw them and suck down some science. [The Atlantic]

Photo ‘My name is karma‘ by Troy Holden, from The Tender’s Flickr pool.

Tenderbits are on like Donkey Kong

  • Outgoing District 6 supervisor Chris Daly will be remembered as an asshole and a hippie, in that order [The Snitch]
  • The Loin’s Jeff Bruton explains how he got started with his printing shop and clothing brand in the Tenderloin, and reveals his favorite spots to hang out in the neighborhood [Scoutmob]
  • Project to revitalizing Market street has gotten people excited for the last two years, but local retailers grow impatient with slow pace of change [The Wall Street Journal] (and wtf is an East Coast publication covering this stuff better than our local press?)
  • Off the Grid resumed at the Civic Center last Friday after a three-week holiday break, for all your food truck cravings [Off the Grid’s Facebook Page]
  • Best. Coffee. Ever? We received word from tender reader Derek that there is an iPhone app for the best coffee joints in SF and yes, apparently those in the Tenderloin & TenderNob are included–for once. [San Francisco’s Best Coffee]
  • Local drinkster, Heather of the SF Bar Experiment is setting out to work on a book about the bars in the Tenderloin. [The Tenderloin Bar Experiment]
  • SRO art thief gets one year in jail, makes SFist contributor wonder why hadn’t he pawned the stuff to get himself a nicer apartment? Or did he just like looking at it? [SF Chronicle, SFist]
  • Speaking of Tenderloin bars, tender friend Matt Baume writes about Tenderloin’s dive bar with a “respectable past” in the Bay Area Reporter’s Nightlife Guide. He includes the Deco Lounge, Gangway and R Bar, three institutions that every respectable Tenderloinian should check [Bar Tab]
  • Ever Gold Gallery, who are now in their 3rd year of operations, announced a bi-yearly residence program. Details to come [Ever Gold Gallery Blog]
  • A 15 year-old girl was caught speeding around downtown with a Dachshund in the passenger seat! Did any of you see them in a Volvo going the wrong way up Pine and Sutter last week? [SFist]

Chris Daly’s office photo by Steve Rhodes, from The Tender’s Flickr pool

TenderBits: Who’s the Tenderloin, developing is inevitable, finding drugs on night patrols & more

  • If San Francisco is like “a wiry guy in his late thirties who may or may not have had a drug problem”, who would the Tenderloin be? [Lapham’s Quarterly]
  • Sadly, no more ballroom dancing on Ellis street [Curbed SF]
  • District 6 “is not faced with the question of whether to develop, but instead in what way.” [SF Examiner]
  • A love of omelets brings an actress and a car dealer together to open a Comedy Club, at the mezzanine of the AMC Van Ness building [SFist]
  • One of the my favorite buildings in the neighborhood, the Rossmoor, used to be called Macbeth [Up from the deep]
  • Some great things still only cost $1! [Loin Life]
  • For those of you still hitting up the McDonald’s on Van Ness at Golden Gate every once in a while, this is so terrifying you wish it was a rat problem [Eater]
  • The SF Guardian Angels take the Bart for a night patrol in the TL, clean up some crack pipes & dirty needles and find 1/4 oz of cocaine. Bonus? [SF Guardian Angels blog]

Photo from the SF Guardian Angels blog

TenderBits: Food Edition

  • The new discount site ScoutMob loves the Tenderloin! They’ve only had a few deals so far, but there was already 50% off at Turtle Tower (aka by some as ‘Best pho in SF’) last week, and now another half off at Soluna Café. Hurry up, there’s less than 24 left to grab the discount code! [ScoutMob]
  • New Four Seasons Café coming soon to Eddy, accross from the Phoenix Hotel. [GrubStreet SF]
  • Coq au vin in a Tenderloin soup kitchen? No wonder I often see tourists around here waiting in line for free meals… [St Anthony Foundation blog]
  • Heather still likes the Bloody Marys at the newer, bigger Lush Lounge on Polk street. [The San Francisco Bar Experiment]
  • Kimberly Chun reviews the city’s Burmese restaurants, including Burmese Kitchen, in search of authenticity. [The Bold Italic]
  • Showdogs expanded their menu recently, and we forgot to report it. Fortunately others did. [Eater SF]
  • Pizzeria Gialina chef-owner Sharon Ardiana is obsessed with banh mi sandwiches in general, and Saigon Sandwiches in particular. We understand her. [7×7 Magazine]
  • How to get free sodas at Taco Bell. [@brucetomaso]

Today’s TenderBits

  • Animation art exhibit opening at Kokoro Studio. The opening for “Something left, something taken” is happening tonight at 7pm, the newish and super-cute Kokoro Studio gallery. By Brooklyn-based by animation studio, Tiny Inventions
  • $3 Wednesdays & $4 Thursdays at The Ambassador. Seeing how their $2 Tuesdays are one of the most popular happy hours in the city, now they’re trying to extend the success to Wednesdays and Thursdays. The price gets higher by the day, though.
  • Morty’s Deli now delivers. In case you want to enjoy one of Morty’s delicious sandwiches (the best in the Loin) at home, or in one of the many bars in the hood. And keep an eye on their Twitterfeed as they often have tasty promotionstoo.
  • Infinite SF streetwear third Thursday sale: every third Thursday of the month this cool men’s streetwear store on 646 Hyde is having a 25% sale as it’s a “is a monthly community gathering of shops supporting shops”
  • Gaffta looking for trainers: Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (GAFFTA) is seeking instructors and new workshops. They say, “If you have knowledge, experience or wisdom related to the use of technology to create or perform art, and would like to share it with an intimate group of eager students, then we would love to host you for a lecture, lesson, or interactive instruction”.

Tenderbits: Abandonment & Expansion

  • The SF Public Press has an article about the drive to get building owners to actually do something with their abandoned structures. Lord knows we’ve got plenty in the Loin, but their map isn’t showing so many. Chime in and add a few. I think the one at 907 Post was actually supposed to be this one as that shot they have is on the opposite side of the street.
  • And booyah! Brenda’s is expanding! This has to be the best news I’ve heard since yesterday when the French got knocked out of the First Round of the World Cup. I tried to go to Brenda’s last week with my grandparents and seeing that it was an hour wait, we had to ditch, which sucked. Of course, when you’re voted one of the 50 best new restaurants in the US, you’re bound to get a bit crowded. But more than anything is the fact that they’re going to be staying in the Loin as opposed to ditching for some schmancier ground. Much like your biscuits, Brenda, outstanding.