The Run Ed madness ensues

As was seen at one of our favorite Vietnamese grocery shops, Tuong Phong Market, they had placed a Run Ed Run sign, surreptitiously above the green Brillo pads in what must be a salute to Mayor Mustache. For those unawares, there has been a grassroots campaign (which Ed Lee swears he’s not fertilizing) to get him to run for mayor come November. You can read more about it at or just stumble upon all of these popping up around the Loin.

It does depend a great deal on who enters the race in the next couple of months, but if they continue to suck as they have, I might very well write in Ed for mayor simply to reward him for the fact he’s the first non-jackass to be in office in decades. Of course, then again, maybe I won’t, as we gear up for the 2011 San Francisco Special Olympics of which no one will most likely win (TaglineTip NC Ladies).

Soapy Soaps discount for Tender readers

We’ve written about Soapy Soaps before. They’re our local, all-natural handmade soap shop here in the Loin. As the name doubly implies, they make soap. As the general smell in our hood implies, a good many of you need it and that’s why they’ve sold their soapy goodness at our last TenderNight (and will probably be at the next one too). But if you can’t wait until then (or if you’re not up for buying 2/5 of a used bar down at le marché), then we’d heavily suggest that you take advantage of the special deal that they have going right now which is a buy two, get one free offer, just for you, the Tenderest of readers.

So, go forth and be clean!

The Loin in my mind

When I go to Costco, I go for the 30 pound sleeping bags of chips and end up staying for the 10 gallon trash cans of mayonnaise. Naturally, one can never escape the Loin. But I mean, Tilapia Loins? When did fish get loins? This was really just put there to screw with me.

Roses are red and my laundry is dirty

It turns out that the guys San Francisco Coin Laundry Company on Post & Hyde are also aspiring poets (sort of). We have to commend them for their marketing efforts (or maybe they hired the same guy as Golden Kim Tar?), as they speak truths. And yeah, the fact of the matter is that I don’t mind washing my laundry so much as neatly folding it and putting it away. Now if they just had something to reinvigorate the ironic jokes in all my t-shirts, we’d have something pretty remarkable on our hands.

Pesky nails and anal gland, no more!

The space that was Timezone (RIP) until the landlord decided to jack up the rent is apparently now opening up as a “Pocket Grooming” store where yes, both puppies and kitties are welcome. It’s important to note that among their services, as listed above services, is “anal gland”. I have no idea what this is and honestly if regular anal gland maintenance is something that pet ownership requires, then dear god count me the hell out.

Also, while Timezone has moved around the block and reopened as Gallery 1044, they don’t seem to hold any grudges from the move and are actually quite larger and more awesome now. It is the case that someone who we’ll just call “Mister Growly” is not terribly happy with his new life at 717 Leavenworth and made that known to us a few days back:

For all your rosary needs

I saw this guy the other day on Market Street near Taylor, happily selling rosaries for just $3 a piece. “What I steal”, I thought, “if only I could use them for something else than prayer”. Although I had never seen him before, this friendly guy told me he’s often there or by the Powell cable car turnaround and that he usually sells quite a few of them. Some days are better than others, though, he added. What is it about that area of Market street that attracts all sorts of religious proselytizers? Must have something to do with the amount of sun it gets…

The Magazine keeps it classy, nod to Liz

For what is essentially an old, vintage porn shop, The Magazine on Larkin puts up some of the best displays around. Lately, they’ve been featuring a tribute to the dearly departed Elizabeth Taylor. Stop by and have a look before they change it out.

The freshness is not with you

Saw this pile-o-dairy sitting out in the sun during the heat last week down on Taylor. At first I thought that a church group I had just passed with empty boxes had left it (as everyone has a “right” to dairy?) but I then saw some dude at a market nearby ever-so-slowly bringing it in one box at a time. I have to admit it was perturbing that church food dumping as opposed to bad product storage made more sense.

The Muni alternative for grocery shopping

So this morning, like every Sunday, we went to the HOC Farmers’ Market and on our way back home we saw this guy struggling uphill on Leavenworth. As you can see, he was carrying tons of groceries on his bike, which made him swerve wildly from side to side. It was quite a sight, mainly due to the pink hoodie and matching helmet he was wearing. It was amazing considering how few stalls there were today at the market, that he managed to find so many groceries…

Eventually, at around Eddy, he got off the bike and started walking. Later we saw him pedaling towards Nob Hill, past Pine. Quite a trek. He probably thinks that waiting for the 27 is for suckers (it is), and doesn’t have a cardboard box laying around to make himself a DIY shopping cart. We felt so inferior on foot…

Taking a bite out of Randy Shaw

If one is to ascribe to the Tenderloin being San Francisco’s “colorful” neighborhood, then H. Brown would be the most vibrant crayon in the box. And although we might not always agree with him, we surely enjoy seeing his comments spice up any article and blog post on local politics.

As thoroughly covered by Mike over at the Civic Center blog, we get a telling glimpse inside the public comments portion of the Twitter-Gate tax break hearings last Wednesday. Basically, Randy Shaw got up gave his two minute spiel (described by Mike as “a testimonial to his own fabulousness”), which consisted of such gems as “Gentrification. We’ve stopped gentrification. Our problem is we can’t get any investment. We are a neighborhood starved for investment.” and “…we also passed the rezoning of the Tenderloin to stop commercial development, to stop all tourist development…” (See the full transcript here.)

Which all comes from the mouth of someone wanting to establish a Tenderloin Museum (excuse me, an Uptown Tenderloin Museum) as well as lead poverty safaris through the area.

H. Brown was not to hear of this bullshit and ran down to City Hall to give his impassioned and quite awesome two minutes response to Randy Shaw, once again brilliantly described by Mike as “one of the most pointed and entertaining public eviscerations that’s ever been heard in that room”:

Apparently, after that Randy Shaw stormed out of the room. Truth hurts, I guess.

Many thanks to Bluoz for pointing us to the awesome videos.