A very tender update


Greetings all, we’ve been enjoying the view of San Francisco from the peanut gallery and it’s a strange fucking sight with all the Google rage, tech blow up (again), and crazy rents. At least some things never change. Oh, that and Nevius pimping Shaw’s museum thing. That, much like the OCs, is eternal and like a Kardashian/HPV, will never go away.

It’s a bit bittersweet to not be in San Francisco anymore. We passed through a little while ago, enjoyed New Koko’s or as the tech newbies know it, Hi-Lo. It was good to see that finally come about. Not so good to see was that people still do enjoy the space between two cars, or Civic Center escalators as their personal toilets. The Thai and Vietnamese food is still awesome in the Loin as is the shop, The Loin. But Jesus SF is expensive now. It’s never been a cheap town, but how the hell can any of you still afford to live there? Even if you have rent control $30 toast still puts a dent in the wallet.

Anyways, back to downloading the latest Game of Thrones because my ass ain’t got HBO although I’m really waiting for the eventual battle between the Tenderloin Housing Clinic and the Academy of Art. That, unlike Mexican food in Europe, will be epic.

Fixin’ your feed

This is one of those stupid “articles” about fixing up your stored links and shit. Basically, I discovered that a huge pile of you TenderReaders are subscribed to our feed via one of our old links.

These sorta seem to work at the moment, but if you want to make sure to continue to get in on the goodness sans interruption, make sure to use the main feed link: http://thetender.us/feed/. That is all.

Oh, while being all annoying and self-promotional, I should remind you to Like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter as the magic doesn’t happen only here.

Vote for The Tender!

Yeah, we’re gonna do it. We’re gonna shill for ourselves to have you vote for “The Tender” under “Best Flickr Pool” #22 and “Best Neighborhood Blog” #28 at the SF Weekly – Web Awards 2011. Why do we stoop to such depths as to ask you to vote for us? Because we like bright shiny prizes, duh. That and why not? It’s a solid list of nominees and we’re actually quite shocked just to be part of them.

Anyways, you can just vote for us if you’re feeling lazy, or you can vote for every single category. But whatever the case, polls close soon, so go vote!

Nominate The Tender. Do it!

It’s that time again to ask for your indulgence to help us “go for the gold” or something like that. In this case, it’s the SF Weekly 2011 Web Awards. Finally someone decided to set up an award that’s for what San Francisco does best which is digital shitz. We’re asking you to write in “The Tender” for “Best Flickr Pool” as well as “Best Neighborhood Blog”. Because we’re the best, obviously (no, we are, really).

As you can see, this is just a nomination. Also as you can see, the judges are local digitalites which probably doesn’t bode well for us given that I tried to date Kevin Montgomery’s sister and gave Beth Spotswood a bloody nose in that drinking “mishap” at Tunnel Top (we did vote for her on 7×7’s ‘Hot 20 under 40‘ competition, which she won…). Whatever. Go vote if you’re bored at work.

We heart Public Barber Salon

Here at The Tender we’re big fans of Public Barber Salon. We have no idea where anyone was getting their hair cut in this neighborhood before they opened in 2008, but in their 3 years of operations they have become the salon of choice for a lot of the Loinsters we know. Since I only get one or two haircuts a year (basically when I get tired of looking like a cast member of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and/or my mom’s comments), I hadn’t had the chance to use their services since their opening. A couple of friends had effusively recommended Adriel, but I didn’t request a specific stylist and I ended up having my hair cut by Jennie. Doesn’t she look adorable? (and according to the website she can hold quarters in her dimples)

But besides the cuteness of some (or maybe all) of the stylists, here are the main reasons we like Public Barber Salon:

-They’re affordable! (where can a girl get a haircut for under $35 in this city anymore?).
-They have long hours, and are open until 9pm from Tuesday to Saturday (the evenings are usually so animated it feels like a bar).
-They only do same day or next day appointments. Which means not having to deal with “sorry, we’re booked out until next Christmas” bullshit and being able to look fabulous in short notice.
-They’re just a couple of blocks away from The Tender HQ, making them super-convenient for our lazy asses.
-Once a month, they have cool art shows.
-Oh, and you can even get your fix of theloin apparel there (such as the ‘I <3 TL‘ shirts).

And, I learned during my last week’s visit, Public Barber Salon is looking to open a second location in San Francisco and possibly even elsewhere.

A Tender Night of 200 Yards!

Yes! We are announcing the next TenderNights for August 4, 2011 at Cafe Royale. And you may ask yourself*, “Why are they doing it in ‘Tenderloin Heights’?” And you may ask yourself*, “Why are they announcing this so far in advance?” Well, we are heavily jumping the gun for the simple reason that this time around, we’re doing it in partnership with the good folks of 200 Yards, a photography project which works to place a photographic focus on microhoods throughout San Francisco.

You can read up on the guidelines but basically it works like this: photographers go out and take photos within 200 yards of Cafe Royale, they submit them to the gang at 200 Yards by June 30th, they select from that group, hang the show, and then August 4th there is the opening/soiree/good ole time to be had at Cafe Royale. The show will then stay up through the month of August which is one of the reasons that this is happening much higher up in the general Loin as their display space and hours permit mucho viewing.

Obviously, as the weeks click by, we’ll bug you about deadlines again and have more announcements about what to expect for this TenderNights, but until then, mark your calendars, go out, and be photographically fruitful!

* For those not up on ‘Once in a Lifetime’ by the Talking Heads, have a listen

Vote The Tender for Best of SF Blog

In the two years we’ve been dicking around the internets, we’ve never really put out the call to get voted Best Blog anywhere (basically because Tenderloin stuff is never the best of anything). But hey, it’s never too late to start and lately we’re not above down and dirty shilling. So, we’ve decided to whore it up a little (more) and ask you guys to vote for us in the SF Weekly Best of poll. I know, it sucks because it’s like 100,000 questions long, but you are seriously only obliged to answer one of them: “Best Blog: The Tender”.

Today is the last to do it, so, hurry up!

Monday means more Tender product placement

Given how much you guys enjoyed our shameless product placement last Friday, we felt that there was the need to give you some more. So here’s some more with Tender friend (and slacking blogger), Alyssa Jones fronting one of our exclusive shirts while working a pirate coffee shift at that place which currently isn’t owned by Starbucks. We believe that she was in the middle of asking the question, “You aren’t going to post this on your site, are you?”

AFK for a spell

We’re out of town for a bit, experiencing the East Coast which has something called, “seasons”. It’s rather new to us and we can’t say that we care for it.

Anyways, if you want to keep up on our take of the Loinery once we get back, make sure you subscribe to our feed thetender.us/feed/. If you don’t feel like that, but do feel like Facebook, make sure to “like” us at www.facebook.com/thetender where you can tell us why you don’t like us.

If you don’t do either, we’ll assume you don’t want to be friends and will have to sit in the corner eating chocolate and crying about how fat we’re getting…

I got a haircut

In the department of extremely important news this week, I got a haircut. I’ve mentioned before that I like freebies and discounts (who doesn’t?) so when I saw a half-off Groupon-esque coupon for Mike Page Style Lab I couldn’t resist getting it. And not just because of the attractive price reduction, but also because I had been at an art show opening there before and had loved it (also, it’s just around the corner from The Tender HQ).

Having had long hair for quite a while now, I had decided for a change of look and go short. In spite of giving Mike little information on what I wanted and no photos or examples of short hairstyles, he understood right away what I wanted and cut it in a way that I wouldn’t need tons of hair products or elaborate blowdrying to look decent. Actually, my hair looks good even in this crazy wind and rain of the last couple of days.

Although the place looks very chic and kind of poshy, nobody frowned at my usage of a coupon and everyone was extremely nice and friendly. But not nosey or overly chatty like so many hair salons are, as I don’t particularly enjoy chatting about my personal life while somebody is using scissors next to my face.

Overall, although the price is definitely higher than Public Barber Salon just a block away, the experience is completely different. And since I only get my hair cut at most twice a year (I’ve tried going more often, I swear, I’m just a bit adverse to hairdressers), it might be worth the splurge to be fully satisfied with the results.

Where do you guys usually get your haircuts? Please share below.