Kittehs of the week: Madeira, Roxy and Milan (plus roommates)

Although for the longest time we barely greeted each other when coming in or out of the apartment, my next door neighbor Ryan recently became very friendly. He had discovered the adjacent location of The Tender HQ and admitted to reading the site and particularly the kitteh of the week section. One day, upon seeing me in the street playing with the attention-loving Vixen, he even stopped to chat about his cats. I had met one of them on a couple of occasions when she escaped his apartment in search of adventures in the hallway, but it hadn’t occurred to inquire further. As it turns out, he was dying to have them featured on The Tender, and I was happy to oblige.

Pictured above is the cheekiest and youngest of the three cats, Madeira. She’s a three year-old pure breed Maine coon and escape artist in her spare time. She also loves laser pointers to the point of manic insanity.

Roxy is much calmer, usually hanging out on the bed or any other elevated surface watching what goes on in the apartment with an air of bored indifference. Milan’s indifference goes even further, looking annoyed at the disturbance for the picture.

Milan was the first kitteh that Ryan adopted in a shelter in Seattle, where he lived prior to moving to San Francisco. Milan and Roxy get along really well, often grooming each other and cracking jokes about attention-whore Madeira. Before Madeira they used to have another sister named Sprite when they lived in a different apartment on Post, but unfortunately she fatally fell off the window (they lived on the 8th or 9th floor). Now they have three rats as their roommates.

Ryan says he had never thought about owning a rat, but one day he saw an abandoned dresser on a sidewalk that looked interesting. He was going to check the drawers when he saw a friendly rat hanging out on one of the shelves. He felt sorry for the newly-orphaned little fella, and decided to adopt him. Eventually, he got him some companions at Petco. Pictured above is Moo-Cow and here’s Brownie looking cute for the camera (the third rat is Blackie).

The cats don’t pay much attention to them as they’re too big to be interesting and/or huntable. Sometimes they’ll play with their tails, but that’s about it. I’d even say they’re a bit intimidated by them, as proven by Madeira’s wary reaction to Brownie’s attempts to be friendly.

The rats don’t usually pay much attention to the cats either, except for when one is sleeping on top of their cage and they try to steal some fur for their nest. They don’t usually leave their cages as they get nervous and pee all over.

Kitteh of the Week: Down Under Kitteh

I came across this fellow lounging about Taylor street. Apparently he’s actually the “hostel cat” at the Adelaide Hostel and he manages to break free of drunken backpackers to roam the neighborhood from time to time. Unfortunately, when I saw him he was desperately trying to get back in as he already had too much Tenderloin street adventures for the day.

Pesky nails and anal gland, no more!

The space that was Timezone (RIP) until the landlord decided to jack up the rent is apparently now opening up as a “Pocket Grooming” store where yes, both puppies and kitties are welcome. It’s important to note that among their services, as listed above services, is “anal gland”. I have no idea what this is and honestly if regular anal gland maintenance is something that pet ownership requires, then dear god count me the hell out.

Also, while Timezone has moved around the block and reopened as Gallery 1044, they don’t seem to hold any grudges from the move and are actually quite larger and more awesome now. It is the case that someone who we’ll just call “Mister Growly” is not terribly happy with his new life at 717 Leavenworth and made that known to us a few days back:

Kitteh of the week: Escape artist Rhodes

We’ll have to start calling Leavenworth between Sutter and Post “the kitty block”, with the adorable Vixen hanging out in the alley, the scary cat watching people from the window at the corner of the block. And now we have this guy:

A neighbor who is a fan of Vixen (I mean, who isn’t?) had told us about this cat a few days ago, he seemed lost and unable to get back into his apartment. So our neighbor opened the window and helped him get back in. The next day, we spotted him ourselves, hanging out on the ledge with a scared look in his face. So we did the same thing, and he happily returned to his place. We assume that he’s figuring out how to slither his way out of the window, but the return trip is proving to be elusive to his cat logic.


Tender friend grrlinthecity sent another great picture of the “escape artist” kitty while presumably caught in the act of escaping:

>Update 2

We just got an email from a friend of the cat’s owner telling us that his name is Rhodes and that it seems that he actually succeeded in his escape plans as he’s been missing for a couple of days. Any information on his whereabouts would be much appreciated.

Kitteh of the week: Watching you from above

So one day I was waiting for the red light to turn green at the intersection of Post and Leavenworth, when my eye caught sight of something on a window that looked like a toy.

But when I crossed to the other side of the street and looked more closely, I saw this cat giving me the evil eye from behind the window. I don’t know if it was my imagination or if she was truly upset about not being able to freely roam the streets outside (like the lovely Vixen just next door). In any case, as you can see in the picture above, it looks like he does that often as the shades have been cut to accommodate her street gazing adventures.

Now every time I pass by that window I check if she’s there, but I’ve only seen her a couple of times. So if anybody has any information about her name or evil plans, as usual send them here.

Kitteh of the week: Gary

Meet Gary:

As you can see, he loves laying on the couch and showing his fluffy belly. His owner Olivia says that he isn’t much of a mover, so to get on the couch, he pulls himself up and then flops over. She also says that he loves laying on people even more than the couch, while eating either your buttons or your hoodie’s strings off your clothes. Gary also loves to be held and often screams to get attention. He is extremely talkative with a high pitched voice.

Gary is 5.5 years old. Olivia explains that he was found at a rescue agency in the East Bay founded by Tony LaRussa called ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation). He was so popular with the staff that a woman painting the rescue cats chose to paint him.

Apparently Olivia wanted a black and white kitty but saw his grey mug on the site. He was extremely shy and at the time and was named Nemo. But Olivia had always liked the name Gary for animals. She even named stuffed animals Gary, and since this guy is like a giant stuffed teddy bear, he became Gary. She adds: “He loves to be held like a teddy bear. Really.”

If you, too, want your own kitteh to love and hold like a teddy bear, take a look at all these little adoptable fellas at the ARF website.

Kitteh of the week: Hutch

The other day we received an email saying “I’m Cowen, a queer dude with a cat, and this is the long story of Hutch”. And long it is, but it’s also really good. So read on:

Hutch is a sassy senior who’s approximately 17 years old. I’m a vet tech, and unlike most of my colleagues who acquire their pets through work (when people abandon or surrender their pets, or if somebody brings in a stray), I actually had to go to the SF SPCA and purchase this cat, who was 10 1/2 at the time. I visited with him and several other cats, and had actually decided on a much younger cat originally. I was about to go fill out the paperwork for the other cat when I saw this couple checking out Hutch (who was “Smokey” at the time – real original). The lady liked him, but the guy dismissed him, saying “That cat’s 10 1/2 years old! He’s TEN AND A HALF!” I thought about how many people must have passed him up for the same reason. He had been at the shelter for about 8 months at the time.

What really sold me on him was when I walked by his little room, and this 10 1/2 year old cat, who was “too old” for most people to adopt, was in there going crazy with his toy, batting it around and throwing it up in the air and chasing it all over the 3×3 room. Totally entertaining himself. I was impressed by his energy and his sweet and silly personality, and I just knew he was the one. And I was like, how dare these people reject him because of his age. He’s such a cool cat! Little did I know what a handful he would be.

This is the most food-obsessed cat I have ever known. In his younger days, he would go to any lengths to get any type of food possible. He has been known to steal food off a plate in somebody’s hands, bite it right off the fork on the way to somebody’s mouth, and on at least one occasion, he grabbed a slice of pizza that was actually IN someone’s mouth, and tried to pull it out! My guests are usually so amused by his antics that they’ll try to feed him everything just to see what he’ll eat. And he’ll literally eat anything – the only thing I’ve found that he doesn’t like is bananas. He has even eaten dry pasta and frozen vegetables that I’ve dropped on the floor.

Now he’s too arthritic to get up on the kitchen counters, but back in the day, I’d come home to find that he had broken into the cabinets and helped himself to a package of English muffins, or some cereal or Goldfish crackers. It’s kind of a relief that I don’t have to lock everything away so carefully anymore.

So yeah, Hutch’s favorite hobbies are eating, pestering me for food, harassing my guests for their food, stealing food, eating and then vomiting, and then eating some more. He’s on a strict schedule of pestering starting at 3 a.m. and 3 p.m. (several hours before his actual meal times).

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot that (again, in his younger days) he used to catch pigeons that were perched on the windowsill, when the window was open no more than about 2 inches. He would sit there and stalk them intently, and then strike out with the swift violence of a ninja. Most of the time he would just scare them away, but several times he actually managed to grab hold of the pigeon between his two paws and/or his mouth, and try to pull it into the window. The pigeon would be screaming, feathers would be flying everywhere, and I was freaking out, trying to pull him away from it. Thankfully he never actually got the whole pigeon into the apartment. I don’t even wanna think about what a disaster that would be.

Sorry this is so long, but as you can see, Hutch is quite the character, and I have many entertaining stories about him. He’s mellowed out over the years, but he’s still pretty spry and crazy for his age.

Cowen and Hutch of the NakedHood

If you, too, want your own kitteh to love and steal your food from your mouth, take a look at all these little adoptable fellas at the SPCA website.

Kitteh of the week: Poldy

This week let us introduce you to a cat who, for a change, doesn’t seem to be plotting world domination (but probably still likes to steal all the good spots in the house). Meet the shy and mellow Poldy:

Owner Jeneen tells us they’ve lived in the Tendernob for almost 10 years and although “they have enjoyed it immensely”, she’s soon moving to Russian Hill with her fiancé. Poldy says he’ll miss the neighborhood.

Jeneen says she found Poldy (often called The Poldy Cat) in South San Francisco, near the South City Caltrain Station, darting from hiding spot to hiding spot looking for food and avoiding scary people. Jeneen says she was a “borderline crazy cat lady”, feeding him for about 4 months before she gained his trust… and then promptly shoved him into a crate and kidnapped him to imprisonment in a studio apartment in the Tendernob (crazy cat lady, she said? ahem). She also claims she wasn’t sure if he would be pet material, or would ever really like people, but then he blossomed from a dirty 7 month old kitten hiding under her stove into a (still shy) but people loving “cuddle bug”.

Oh, and like any proper house cat, Poldy loves sleeping on her owner’s laptop (as well as inside cardboard boxes, of course):

If you, too, want your own kitteh to love and sleep on your Macbook keyboard, take a look at all these little adoptable fellas at the SPCA website.

Kitteh of the week: Stella

We’ve been receiving a lot of cute pet pictures from Tender readers over the holidays, and we’re only slowly catching up. So without further ado, let me introduce all of you to Stella. This is how her owner Tiffany first introduced her to us:

I would love to submit some photos and a blurb about my little monster stella. She is a lovely gal when she’s sleeping and right before she throws up on the phone bill. Her style is indisputable and although she is getting closer daily to fulfilling her diabolic plan to take over the apartment for her own, I would love to gain some footing by having her portrait displayed on your delightful page.

As you can see above, she does look totally evil sitting on that velvet red curtain that she probably stole from the neighbors.

However, we know Tiffany is not serious since her Facebook profile picture shows her smiling next to Stella. Doesn’t she look happy to own such a badass cat?

Tiffany also tells us that Stella owns Tiffytart, who she has allowed to stay in her apartment to entertain her by making cupcake hats and costumes that are awesome to get hair on and bat under the bed.

Water drinking receptacles are crucial in the life of Stella. Why drink out of a bowl when you could hit up a dignified drinking vessel? Namely anything but a bowl… peasants. Baths are also essential, especially the ones when Tiffy is taking her own bath. She loves being doused (but means of petting only) with lovely bath water whilst balancing gracefully on the edge of the tub. Sleep is awesome and the battle for the best ray of sunshine is always dominated by her outstretched feline figure.

Food. Although needed for energy, Stella scarfs mindlessly. She wastes no time in chewing and puts it in her mouth and chooses a more appropriate and comfy eating spot to dump it and then devour. Tiffy loves walking barefoot on random bits of kibble floating around the sewing area. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. Although being told the bulimia is “so ’87” Stella has brought barfing to a whole new level of science. Not many cats can boast the strategic hurling of lunchtime snacks to hit square in the middle of the PG&E bill. That’s talent for certain.

Admired by other cats in the building and fondly remembered by lowlife humans everywhere… Stella. This is your 15 minutes, girl.

If you, too, want your own kitteh to love and take to your favorite bars, take a look at all these little adoptable fellas at the SPCA website.

Kitteh of the week: Inez Pasarow

Although we received these lovely pics awhile back from owner Jennifer, it gives us great pleasure to introduce our very first Kitteh of the Week of 2011. Meet Ms. Inez Pasarow (the one on the left):

As you can see, this cute tortoise shell is extremely thrilled to be photographed for the internetz. “She can be a great pain in the ass”, we’re told. Apparently, she’s the rottweiler of cats as is made obvious in this fierce picture, me-ow:

Oh, I guess Jennifer just meant that she’s a bit bossy, always trying to get the good spot to sit on the couch or on the bed (I’m assuming it’s the one in the picture, as she looks utterly satisfied). And she likes to whine, but not a full meow, a half-ass one. “It’s sometimes excruciating to hear especially being woken by it”, says Jennifer. “But she is a good egg”, she adds. We guess she’s had time to adapt to Inez since she adopted her as a kitten from a mobile SPCA during her lunch hour, about 13 years ago. “She will outlive us all”, she says, and it’s probably true.

Jennifer and Inez don’t actually live in the Tenderloin proper, but further up the hill in Nobland. But, Jennifer says they’re regulars at Whiskey Thieves and have been friends with the owners since the 1990’s. Jennifer even celebrates her birthday there every year on Halloween, but we ignore when Inez celebrates hers. “We’re a little family down there”, she says. “We sit at what’s called the elbow. The corner of the bar”. We’d like to see a picture of Inez at the bar, as we wonder if it would look like this one.

And, of course, they’re friends with Little Bird too (Inez would probably like to meet the bird, though).

If you, too, want your own kitteh to love and take to your favorite bars, take a look at all these little adoptable fellas at the SPCA website.