Call it fate, baby

And we bring you the latest installment of our almighty marquee board:

What some could not have escaped
others will find by decision
each we call fate
Jane Hirschfield

As if I wasn’t feeling like fate’s bitch enough lately. Thanks mucho for the reminder, KK.

Kahn & Keville so beautiful

This go round, we’ve got Paul Simon’s wisdom up for a week or three:

Life is either
So beautiful
Or so what
I’m in the so beautiful camp

Personally, I’m waiting for the Graceland period quotes.

Kahn & Keville go Tao, lose an R and an N

The latest Kahn & Keville update dips in to the Tao with:

The ten thousand things
rise and fall on their own
and the superior person
is not distubed
Dow Te Chig

You might notice that “distubed” is missing R and that “Chig” is missing an N, but whatever, letters are in short supply these days. And in case you’re curious, there’s a lot of shit dealing with ten thousand things.

Kahn & Keville Break Down Innovation

Kahn & Keville’s latest sign is a quote popularized in a Malcolm Gladwell piece about the historical relationship between Apple & Xerox. A quote by a Microsoft exec, no less. The sign cuts out a couple of sentences, but the thrust remains. Full quotation:

“Innovation is an unruly thing. There will be some ideas that don’t get caught in your cup. But that’s not what the game is about. The game is what you catch, not what you spill.”

Wise words. Now where’s our jetpack and cars that fold into suitcases (goodbye SF parking supply problems)?!

Kahn & Keville on love

Kahn & Keville rolled out their newest marquee lately, which basically says that love is smarter than you:

Love believes all things and yet it is never deceived

This follows along closely with my own personal philosophy that I too believe in all things as long as people pay me in cash and whatever I buy from them has a 30 day return policy, no questions asked.

Kahn & Keville on modesty

Nobody would have been better off had I not been alive. Edward Hoagland

I’ll have to remember to write something along the lines of this on my tombstone along with maybe, “suckas!” at the end for poetic balance.

Happy Mother’s Day

If you followed SF Foodie’s advice and took your mom to the Asian Art Museum today (it’s Target First Free Sunday!), on your way to Bodega Bistro you can point at this inspirational quote from the Kahn and Keville guys to make her day:

Also, about a week ago Tender friend Jeff Waldman, the guy responsible for installing doors to nowhere all around San Francisco and other happiness projects, wrote to us about his most recent project for mother’s day: card stations next to mailboxes with pre-stamped envelopes, a flower card, and a simple note (pens included). No excuse not to tell Mom you love her.

Apparently Jeff and his friend Dave Harmatz installed a couple of them in the Mission last weekend, and he told us that he intended to install a couple more in the Tenderloin. We haven’t seen any so far, but maybe you guys have? Let us know.

Jeff says this project is meant to inspire and be contagious in an exponential way:

It’s a couple of dollars and an afternoon. It’s a class project or a family affair. It’s simple and pure and meant to inspire actions of similar merit. So I beg of you, if you’re reading this, Go out and do this, if not for Mother’s Day, for Father’s Day. If not for that, for no special occasion– just because sometimes it’s nice to get a letter from someone you love.

The air is like a butterfly (or not)

The spring came and apparently Kahn & Keville wanted in on some poetry-ness with their latest marquee update. Although they’re sorta forgetting that those couple of blocks around Turk & Larkin have the air more like bodily fluids than any butterfly I’ve ever encountered.

The Supreme Court is wrong

And now back to our infrequently updated Kahn & Keville update. No idea who is cited at the author of the quote, “Newton ” something…

Do you have better friends?

While this billboard pretty much speaks for itself and okay, sure, whatever, I’m personally amazed that they didn’t run out of letters when putting that thing up. K&K must have the biggest Scrabble bag you’ve ever seen…