Yet no Tenderloin cocktail

The call went out for neighborhood-themed cocktails and I had some hopes for a Tenderloin as, that would have been awesome. Well, the results came in and there’s still no Tenderloin drink except for your typical, overdone joke in the comments of “I’m partial to the Loin, with it’s used syringe garnish.” That’s about as funny as running over a family pet at this point.

I guess that there’s some solace in a TenderNob actually being created:


  • 1 1/2 ounces Bombay Sapphire gin
  • 1/4 ounce Passoa passionfruit liqueur (see Note)
  • 2 dashes Regans’ Orange Bitters No. 6
  • 1 lemon twist, as garnish

Instructions: Place all ingredients, except garnish, into a mixing glass. Add ice and stir for 20-25 seconds. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Add garnish.

Note: Nakasone used La Grande Passion liqueur in the original drink, but it’s now nigh-on impossible to find. We substituted Passoa.

I’m no bartender (pardon, mixologist) so I have no idea what it would take to actually make this cocktail happen. In the meantime I’ll just sit here making Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, and fucking up Vieux Carres at home since I have no more Koko’s anymore and even Mr. Lew’s is offline for remodeling 🙁

For mayor, we endorse Avalos, UppityFag’s 2nd choice

Politics in this town is as pleasant as food poisoning kicking in 30 minutes before you land on a 12 hour flight. But regardless of that, we’ve got to choose someone on next’s weeks election and given that our dis-endorsement schtick netted us a winner we love to hate, we thought we might as well risk comment reprisal and actually put down an endorsement for Mayor. Which is… drumroll… John Avalos! (And no, not Avelos with an E.)

Why do we choose Avalos although his press committee has annoyed the shit out of us for months with daily emails? Well, the most amazingly named, UppityFag pretty much summed up any and all thoughts we had on the matter:

Avalos is a progressive candidate that doesn’t have a long murky background of shady dealings and complicated alliances nor does he reek of Tea Party-lite policy schemes of giving tax breaks to corporate interests in anticipation that they will show mercy on the rest of us.

He does not rail on about the unfortunate burden of regulation upon small business. Avalos speaks of his community ties and his family and his love for San Francisco in a way that is not grandstanding or mawkish or transparent.

Sometimes I want to pull him aside and tell him to drop out of the race because he’s too good for the filthy politics and I’d hate for him to be ruined by it all. But then I’d be tempted to kiss him and I’m not sure he’d be into that so I have had to exercise restraint.

We also put Avalos for choice #1 as he has an actual chance of winning (and he looks great riding a bike). We don’t really have much else to add to that above as we’ve really gotten tired of Ed Lee and agree that’s he like a “dorky, Chinese version of Willie Brown” (thank you for that one, former supervisor Daly).

Of course, this is all about the ranked choice voting system this time around and so, we say to choose from the following for your second and third choices: Herrera, Chiu or Rees. Or whatever, just keep in mind that it does actually matter who you put in there (ex. Jean Quan) and for the love of god, don’t list Lee like the Bike Coalition did to cover their asses by endorsing him for the third choice.

For District Attorney, well… probably Onek followed by Bock. If anyone has any feedback on this, chime in as we’re not really sold on any of them given we don’t like lawyers much.

For the rest of the ballot, use your common sense. We’ve already put out enough of an opinion to get spit roasted on and need the next week to read over all the blather of the eight additional propositions. Oh, we’d say to vote No on Prop G for additional sales tax given that this city seriously needs to learn how to live within its means as it has an 800,000, not 8 million residents…

Contest: review on Google Places, eat at Canteen!

The season of giving comes early (that and we’re flaky), so we’ve extended the deadline for submitting to our contest to end on Sunday, October 30th by midnight. So you have the whole weekend to go out places, review away, and send us your profile link to get in on this offer! All you need is a minimum of ONE review about a Tenderloin establishment (preferably not a sauna massage parlor day spa)

For those unfamiliar with it, Google launched their Places reviewing site a few months ago. It’s similar to other reviewing sites, but it’s a lot easier to use as it’s integrated with Google Maps and all you need is a Gmail/Google account and you’re off and running. Reviews can be quick, they can cover just about anything (including Muni!).

To spread the word, they’re now giving away $100 gift certificate to Canteen to one lucky Tender reader!

All you need to do to claim this fine prize is submit reviews to Places between now and the 26th, which means you have two weeks to unleash your opinions. Canteen, by the way (not to be confused with Cantina down the street), is one of our favorite restaurants for a special occasion, with great California-style food by well-known chef Dennis Leary. and it has an average of 4.42 stars on Google Places.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below with a link to your Places profile (or email it to us if you’d like), so a team of crack judges (us) will choose the best reviewer based on quantity and quality. Oh, and this being The Tender, at least one of your reviews needs to be about an establishment in the Tenderloin or TenderNob, although naturally we encourage more than that to increase your chances of winning.

Anyways, happy reviewing and hopefully happy eating at Canteen!

File under, yeah, we know

This Zendesk info graphic popped up on Laughing Squid yesterday and a few people also wrote in to point us to it. We had actually already seen it back in August at their opening press conference. We didn’t really bother to post anything about it as it just seemed like a big “duh” to us. But, for those of you who are just starting your 2-3 year stint in San Francisco, or simply for those who enjoy cool illustrations, here it is. Now you can act like you’re all informed about the neighborhood.

Give me bike lanes or get you dents!

From the wayback machine, we should mention this great Streetsblog article which talks about the scrawniness of bike lanes when you take in to account dumbshits that open their doors directly in to them without looking. I know I’ve had to always be on the lookout for dim-looking folks who try to take me out. In “crazy socialist” countries in Europe, they actually train people to open the door with their right hand to force them to look over their left shoulder before opening the door.

This explains why many cyclists are still riding on the sidewalk which I might add, is something I try to never do, or if I’m forced to because of road work (like those tards from PG&E), I crawl along at a walking pace. We’ve come a long way to being a more bike-friendly city, but there is still a way to go and painting crap on the ground that make it the cyclist’s problem to look out for parked cars is ridiculous. After all, would people open their doors in to moving cars like they do in to cyclists?

Share your thoughts on Mid-Market, people

Ever get so frustrated about the current state of politics and long term thinking in the Tenderloin and Mid-Market area that you go so far as to start a blog? No? Well, fine, that’s just me then. But, if you are indeed frustrated, then surely you can take two seconds time to answer a poll that in theory will make your voice heard… or at least add your response to some governmental spreadsheet somewhere.

Some of the choices are sorta lame like under “What’s the most effective and/or important way to reduce vacancies and catalyze development?” I chose to write in “blight tax” because I thought that everything listed there would be as effective as voting for a Green party candidate in a national election. Do as you like, but if you have some time at the office (it’s only 6 questions) and Brad is lurking around the water cooler to tell you about the chick he banged last night from Ruby Skye, go on and answer.

Vote for The Tender!

Yeah, we’re gonna do it. We’re gonna shill for ourselves to have you vote for “The Tender” under “Best Flickr Pool” #22 and “Best Neighborhood Blog” #28 at the SF Weekly – Web Awards 2011. Why do we stoop to such depths as to ask you to vote for us? Because we like bright shiny prizes, duh. That and why not? It’s a solid list of nominees and we’re actually quite shocked just to be part of them.

Anyways, you can just vote for us if you’re feeling lazy, or you can vote for every single category. But whatever the case, polls close soon, so go vote!

Nominate The Tender. Do it!

It’s that time again to ask for your indulgence to help us “go for the gold” or something like that. In this case, it’s the SF Weekly 2011 Web Awards. Finally someone decided to set up an award that’s for what San Francisco does best which is digital shitz. We’re asking you to write in “The Tender” for “Best Flickr Pool” as well as “Best Neighborhood Blog”. Because we’re the best, obviously (no, we are, really).

As you can see, this is just a nomination. Also as you can see, the judges are local digitalites which probably doesn’t bode well for us given that I tried to date Kevin Montgomery’s sister and gave Beth Spotswood a bloody nose in that drinking “mishap” at Tunnel Top (we did vote for her on 7×7’s ‘Hot 20 under 40‘ competition, which she won…). Whatever. Go vote if you’re bored at work.

Top 10 Tenderloin dishes under $10

Although we aren’t always their biggest fans (ahem), 7×7 Magazine asked us to contribute to their ‘Best 10 dishes under 10‘ web series with our picks from our neighborhood/s. Since they asked nicely (and yes, we are whores) we ended up compiling the two lists and they ran them today here. It ended up being really hard to write as there are way more than 10 excellent cheap dishes in this neighborhood (although we also discovered that some of our favorite ones are actually a little over $10). And since it took us a pile of time to do it, we thought we’d share the lists with our local Tender Readers in case you don’t go check out the “49” all that often. So after our picks for the Tendernob, we present you with our picks in the Tenderloin (south of Geary), in no particular order. As usual, be sure to share your thoughts.

1. Louisiana-Style Bread Pudding from Hooker’s Sweet Treats
There are days when the Louisiana-style bread pudding with seasonal fruit and caramel sauce from Hooker’s Sweet Treats has a touch more Bourbon than others. We call those days, “lucky” and you should too as you can grab the bread pudding Tuesday through Sunday with any permutation of Sightglass coffee your heart so desires and trust us, it will desire. $5.50. 442 Hyde St. Cash only.

2. Karahi Chicken from Lahore Karahi
At Lahore Karahi everything is made to order by the always smiling owner Guddu, so we advise you to BYOB so you can better enjoy the wait — which is totally worth it. Their tandoori fish is the star dish in the menu, but we’re quite fond of their signature Karahi chicken , featuring tender chunks of chicken in a deliciously creamy tomato and bell pepper sauce. Sure, there can be a line some nights, but there’s a reason: they serve this in heaven’s buffet. $7. 612 O’Farrell St.

3. Bún bò Huế from Ngọc Mai
While we love the famous Phở from Turtle Tower, the Bún bò Huế from Ngọc Mai is one of our favorite Vietnamese noodle soups in the Little Saigon section of the Tenderloin. It’s a hearty and spicy broth made with beef and pig’s knuckle, with rice vermicelli, lemongrass and spicy shrimp paste that sends us to soup heaven every time. And we love the homey feel of this family-run cute restaurant. $6. 547 Hyde St. Cash only.

4. Sloppy Josephine from Brenda’s Soul Food
When discussing the Sloppy Josephine from Brenda’s Soul Food we tend to quote those from other neighborhoods and say, “OMFG!!!” because really, you gotta use a touch of F when you talk about how awesome this sandwich is (they also have a vegan version). It’s served for lunch from 11am to 3pm Monday through Friday. $9. 652 Polk St.

5. Al Pastor Burrito from Tesoro
Yeah, yeah, the Mission is where it’s at when it comes to burritos, but we’re big fans of the al pastor burrito from Tesoro. And not only because it’s conveniently closer than the Mission and has two locations in the Tenderloin, but also because it’s juicy and extremely delicious after a night out in the TL. $5.95 regular, $6.95 super. 868 Geary St & 599 O’Farrell St.

6. The Bánh mì from Saigon Sandwiches
These sandwiches are on every one of these cheap eat lists for a reason: they’re tasty and at $3.25, you can get three and stuff yourself silly with goodness. Our favorite is the one with grilled pork, but the tofu option is extremely popular and we suspect it’s due to the secret sauce they use in all their sandwiches. $3.25. 560 Larkin St. Cash only.

7. Koh Moo Yang from Lers Ros
It appears that our constantly spreading the word about the excellence that is Lers Ros has gotten around and it’s grown mightily in popularity. We stick by the Koh Moo Yang which is their grilled pork shoulder with chili and rice powder sauce. It’s a delicious steal. They pull no punches in the spice department, so ask them to dial it back a bit if you can’t handle the heat. $7. 730 Larkin St.

8. Tea Leaf Salad from Burmese Kitchen
While we’re big fans of their lunch plates, what makes us keep going back to Burmese Kitchen is their addictive tea leaf salad. It’s not only one of the crunchiest and tastiest we’ve had, but it’s also one of the most authentic in the city. It features unchopped laphet, the fermented tea leaves which serve as a base for the salad, which the owner buys directly from a small farm in Burma and carries back to his restaurant. That really puts a new spin on “from farm to table”. $5.95. 452 Larkin.

9. The Gözleme from A La Turca
It’s a traditional Turkish bread filled with vegetables or meat, closed like a pouch and cooked over a griddle. Order it and be happy or don’t and practice your “I really missed out” look. Starting at $6.25. 869 Geary.

10. The ‘Loin cold sandwich from Morty’s Deli
Give it a try if not for any other reason than the name (they also have a Tender burger with pepper jack cheese, caramelized onions and chipotle mayo for $8.95). All of Morty’s offerings are pretty solid on the sandwich front, so go crazy, but only during the week as he’s unfortunately closed on weekends. $7.25. 280 Golden Gate Ave.

Top 10 Tenderloin Heights dishes under $10

Although we aren’t always their biggest fans (ahem), 7×7 Magazine asked us to contribute to their ‘Best 10 dishes under 10‘ web series with our picks from our neighborhood/s. Since they asked nicely (and yes, we are whores) we ended up compiling the two lists and they ran them today here. It ended up being really hard to write as there are way more than 10 excellent cheap dishes in this neighborhood (although we also discovered that some of our favorite ones are actually a little over $10). Since it took us a pile of time to do it, we thought we’d share them with our local Tender Readers in case you don’t go check out the “49” all that often. So here are our picks for the upper Tenderloin aka Tendernob aka Tenderloin Heights, in no particular order. As usual, be sure to share your thoughts.

1. Any burger from Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers
When the burger is calling, it should be calling from Pearl’s Deluxe Burgers. You really can’t go wrong and they offer so many different types of meat (even buffalo!) as well as add-ons that pretty much anyone is going to go away happy and mighty full. Starting at $6.49. 708 Post St.

2. Crimini Mushroom and Goat Cheese Omelette from Canteen
While the dinner menu at Canteen is adventurous and glorious (not to mention well above the $10 price range), their weekend brunch menu offers all the creativity of Dennis Leary’s culinary mind at an early morning price we can afford. Such as the Crimini mushroom and goat cheese omelette. $9.75. 817 Sutter St.

3. Bangan Bhartha from Maharani
Fire-roasted eggplants with a special blend of spices in a tomato-based house sauce, called Bangan Bhartha, is one of the many favorite dishes from Maharani that makes us consider it one of the best Indian restaurants in the whole city. The decor is eclectic, especially in their aptly named Fantasy room where you can sit barefoot on fancy pillows, but both the portions and quality of this favorite establishment will leave you going Naan n’ What? when you walk out. There’s a reason why huge Indian tour groups dock there regularly for sustenance. $8.95. 1122 Post St.

4. Housemade Quiche from farm:table
While their morning crowd whirls in and out to sit around the single table, or outside enjoying the elusive San Francisco sun on Post Street, those who go to farm:table know that Kate puts together a great menu that rotates daily. When the house-made quiche pops up (check on their Twitter), you should take it upon yourself to make the trek from wherever you are as it’s one of the best this side of the Left Bank. $8 with a side of salad. 754 Post St. Cash only.

5. Salteh from Yemeni’s
Salteh is Yemen’s national dish and the one from Yemeni’s is delicious. It’s a hot boiling spicy stew with vegetables, eggs, potatoes, and a green, bubbly broth. Traditionally eaten with Tanour flat bread it provides you with a conversation piece that you can eat readily and happily. $5.95 with vegetables, $8.95 with lamb. 1098 Sutter St.

6. Pupusas from Olivo’s (pictured above)
Olivo’s is the only place in the Tendernob (and even the Tenderloin) area who serves those delicious Salvadorian filled savory pancakes, pupusas. The choices are cheese, cheese & beans or cheese & pork. Two for $4.25, with rice & beans $6.50. 1017 Larkin St. Cash only.

7. Nasi Goreng from Borobudur
This is probably Indonesia’s best known dish which is a combination of: fried rice, egg, onion, and a choice of meat or mixed vegetables. They also have their own house version with anchovy paste and a super-hot version with spicy shrimp paste. $9.95. 700 Post St.

8. Lunch Special from Sanraku
We have friends that come from far and wide to dig in to the lunch special from Sanraku. It’s served with miso soup, salad and a main that changes every day– such as their spicy tuna roll or Genmai Chirashi (sliced fish over rice). Monday to Friday only. $10. 704 Sutter St.

9. The Gouda Good sandwich from Bite
It is their most popular for a reason: it’s a heavenly combination of their rotisserie chicken with Gouda cheese and special pepperhouse sauces on Dutch crunch. In fact, any sandwich with chicken in it is a sure bet, and they have many to choose from–including a build your own option. Plus they’re open late (2am!) to roll on by while you’re gettin’ your drink on in the neighborhood. $7.99. 912 Sutter St.

10. Breakfast from Golden Coffee
Golden Coffee is known as one of the cheapest and tastiest greasy spoon breakfast places in San Francisco, where you watch your food being made while trying to get over last night’s hangover. Although they have many breakfast options to choose from (and even Chinese food), you can’t go wrong with their classic scrambled eggs with corned beef, hash browns and toast. $5.50, add coffee for $1.35. 901 Sutter St. Cash only.

Photo of Olivo’s pupusas from Coffee Pencil Knife