This is a digital neighborhood portal, not a serious newspaper (those sorta don’t exist anymore), so we write this for fun and for free. If you like irony and the neighborhood as much as we do, you should join us and become a Tender regular contributor! We can promise a Tender t-shirt, fame, glory, and a person to share a drink with. If you’re too busy, you can still send us the occasional rant or picture, or send us story ideas.

~ Under-Employed Founders ~

A European native who would have never chosen the US as her place of residence but who is enjoying it quite a bit now.
LoinTime: 4 years
Likes: big cities, walking, public benches, pancakes, cussing, freebies
Dislikes: hypocrisy in general, women who change their last name when they marry in particular
Tender Spots in the Loin: the corner of Hyde & Turk for people-watching, HOC Farmers Market for groceries, Brenda’s for sweet potato pancakes, farm:table for lattes outdoors on a sunny day, Pagolac for fresh Vietnamese & green tea ice-cream, Hooker’s Sweet Treats for caramels & neighborhood gossiping.

A Northern California native from Central Europe working as a web developer and living in the Bay Area for 15 very Politically Correct years. Card-carrying member of the SFPL.
LoinTime: 10 years
Likes: wine, cheese, tea, shit powered by Android
Dislikes: any school with “art” in the title
Tender Spots in the Loin: basically a carbon copy of evarels with the addition of El Tesoro, the awesome that is Lahore Karahi, and the screaming deal on passport photos at SF Print.

~ People with Spare Time ~

Your cliché east coast transplant who came out to steal tech jobs from Californians. A Philadelphia-area native who never leaves home without his camera.
LoinTime: 4 years and growing
Likes: Cheap eats, cheap booze and conversations with strangers.
Dislikes: People who’ve forgotten why it’s important to have businesses in the neighborhood.
Tender Spots in the Loin: New Village Cafe (I’ve informally adopted David & Ana as my grandparents), Taco Bell/KFC (sometimes a man needs to eat on only $3), Saigon Sandwiches and come drink with me at Hemlock Tavern.

Separated from his home continent of Europe by a permanent case of Wanderlust and separated from his sanity by the absence of real (!) seasons.
LoinTime: 2+ in the Tenderloin Heights
Likes: Snow and everything else…
Dislikes: …except for UGG’s
Tender Spots in the Loin: farm:table and Canteen
Un-Tender Twitter: saschkaunseld
Un-Tender Photos: here
Un-Tender Allerlei: here
Anything else? Yes! No! What?

~ Friendly Defectors ~

A native Oregonian whose journalism career has moved her across the country and back. Currently Editor Jr. and blogger for Mother Jones. Half Japanese, half normal, 100% hapa.
LoinTime: 2 years [now in Bernal]
Likes: walking to work, donuts, cats, film and the arts, un-p.c. hip hop music
Dislikes: BART, street harassment, dirty hipsters
Tender Spots in the Loin: Sugar Cafe, Brenda’s for beignets, Shalimar for authentic (I’ve been told) Pakistani food, Bang San, Bodega Bistro, Pearl’s Burger, my apartment

LoinTime: ? [now in Outer Sunset]
Likes: ?
Dislikes ?
Tender Spots in the Loin: ?