Greetings all, we’ve been enjoying the view of San Francisco from the peanut gallery and it’s a strange fucking sight with all the Google rage, tech blow up (again), and crazy rents. At least some things never change. Oh, that and Nevius pimping Shaw’s museum thing. That, much like the OCs, is eternal and like a Kardashian/HPV, will never go away.

It’s a bit bittersweet to not be in San Francisco anymore. We passed through a little while ago, enjoyed New Koko’s or as the tech newbies know it, Hi-Lo. It was good to see that finally come about. Not so good to see was that people still do enjoy the space between two cars, or Civic Center escalators as their personal toilets. The Thai and Vietnamese food is still awesome in the Loin as is the shop, The Loin. But Jesus SF is expensive now. It’s never been a cheap town, but how the hell can any of you still afford to live there? Even if you have rent control $30 toast still puts a dent in the wallet.

Anyways, back to downloading the latest Game of Thrones because my ass ain’t got HBO although I’m really waiting for the eventual battle between the Tenderloin Housing Clinic and the Academy of Art. That, unlike Mexican food in Europe, will be epic.