Last night we stumbled upon not only the newly renovated and fully finished Brenda’s, but also the new half of Mister Lew’s Win Win Bar & Sazerac Emporium. As we mentioned when they first opened back in March, the bar was a temporary incarnation until they renovated the space next door and decided on a concept for the two spaces that they planned to fully link together.

On November 5th they closed down the space at 441 Jones that we all knew, and a few days later opened the space next door that they had been renovating for the last few months and you can see below. Meanwhile the work is continuing in the original space, which is now closed, and hopefully at the beginning of the next year both spaces will be finished and ready to be fully enjoyed.

So the new Mister Lew’s looks much like the old one, with the same red walls and paintings, but without the pool table, jukebox, or the TV for the Wednesday movie nights. You’ll also note that there are a lot of blank spots for fixtures as the space is still quite stripped down. According to the bartender last night, they haven’t decided on the final concept yet, but it will definitely have a different name and a different look. As to there being a wealth of Sazeracs on the menu? That remains to be seen as well.