If you don’t subscribe to David Villa-Lobos‘ “Community Leadership Alliance” newsletter and you feel like you’ve got too much spare time in your life that you want to fill up with a bit of the zany and/or misinformation, you should give it a whirl.

We somehow got on it and receive the emails whenever he feels like firing up his propaganda machine. The fact that it doesn’t get caught as spam is amazing, but in each letter there are some real gems, although it’s definitely a shame he’s not posting this as some kind of blog.

This came through the day after the election where he only received three write-in votes:

…I decided in 1981 that I would take my degree in political science and gradually transition to a life of community service, putting my education to work through community service in San Francisco.

I believed that at some point my work/efforts in the community would equate to gainful employment, e.g. a job w/the city, or even an elected position. Well real stupid move on my part because this move has yielded me absolutely nothing, not even appreciation from those that I’ve served.

I today was offered the opportunity to return to an escort agency beginning in January of 2012, I’ve accepted.

This was of course foreshadowed in a previous email where he cried foul (yes, damn you, foul!) on the San Francisco Department of Elections because they blocked him from being part of our cast of thousands (well, okay, 16) mayoral candidates.

Candidate Flips-Out: It was at that point that I went crazy, I phoned the DOE and gave them “HELL”; with the salty-distasteful superlatives flying. After all, my wife and I had already exhausted our entire savings, our daughters college fund on this campaign thus far, and borrowed money to pay the fee.

At around 7:45pm that same night, I received a phone call from the DOE threatening that they were going to turn my recorded phone message over to the Sheriff’s department. And warned me that if I planned to file a law suit against the DOE, that they were prepared to argue that they had done nothing wrong.

It’s been a long time coming, that someone should put this inept branch of our city’s government in check. And I guess it’s Villa-Lobos who had the guts to do it.

It’s quite important that other people know about David as in addition to his third person references to his first person and constant threat to run for mayor, he also tries to wedge himself in the way of random local goings-on. He’s been a serious impediment to people who just want to start a business as well as any community art projects that he feels happen without oversight (by him we assume) like Hemlock Alley. I mean, who does he think he is, the Middle Polk Neighborhood Association?