Fina Estampa, the Peruvian & Spanish cuisine restaurant, had a long run on Van Ness between Geary & Post before CPMC ate 2 city blocks. The restaurant owner shared that she owns the building that the restaurant now sits in on Bush between Polk & Van Ness, but struggled for a while trying to get other businesses going in that space.

As of last week, Fina Estampa is back with the same menu as before. The interior has been completely remodeled and the owner has a real dedication to it all. It looked great inside. She let us in and worried about the tiniest specks of dirt in the tile grout. “I have to use a toothbrush on my hands and knees to clean it,” she said. You have to respect an owner who cares.

If you go and grab a bite, be sure to share your dining thoughts. Fina Estampa on Yelp.