This article on Mission Loc@l (picked up by HuffPo) popped up yesterday letting us cyclists in the Tenderloin know that we can breathe safely in the fact that the number one place to get your bike ripped off is actually the Mission. While some may say, “Bullshit, it’s the Tenderloin! That’s where all sorts of crime, evil, and spicy food happens!”, this analysis of Craigslist data by Phillip Yip is backed up by SF police stats.

Naturally, those in the Mission would say, “Hell yeah we gotz theftz. Just look at the Valencia bike corridor asking you to get your ride on.” Valencia is a truly awesome set of bike lanes despite cartards trying to take cyclists out by constantly double-parking and/or opening their doors without looking. But, without getting in to the hipster/loinster debate again, we also have quite a large cycling crowd in this neighborhood. But, I think it’s safe to say that we know the dangers of bike theft as stereotyped by others and so we watch our rides when we roll. As well as other possessions when we walk around the neighborhood, even when there’s the potential to score

View the original article and graphic here.