Politics in this town is as pleasant as food poisoning kicking in 30 minutes before you land on a 12 hour flight. But regardless of that, we’ve got to choose someone on next’s weeks election and given that our dis-endorsement schtick netted us a winner we love to hate, we thought we might as well risk comment reprisal and actually put down an endorsement for Mayor. Which is… drumroll… John Avalos! (And no, not Avelos with an E.)

Why do we choose Avalos although his press committee has annoyed the shit out of us for months with daily emails? Well, the most amazingly named, UppityFag pretty much summed up any and all thoughts we had on the matter:

Avalos is a progressive candidate that doesn’t have a long murky background of shady dealings and complicated alliances nor does he reek of Tea Party-lite policy schemes of giving tax breaks to corporate interests in anticipation that they will show mercy on the rest of us.

He does not rail on about the unfortunate burden of regulation upon small business. Avalos speaks of his community ties and his family and his love for San Francisco in a way that is not grandstanding or mawkish or transparent.

Sometimes I want to pull him aside and tell him to drop out of the race because he’s too good for the filthy politics and I’d hate for him to be ruined by it all. But then I’d be tempted to kiss him and I’m not sure he’d be into that so I have had to exercise restraint.

We also put Avalos for choice #1 as he has an actual chance of winning (and he looks great riding a bike). We don’t really have much else to add to that above as we’ve really gotten tired of Ed Lee and agree that’s he like a “dorky, Chinese version of Willie Brown” (thank you for that one, former supervisor Daly).

Of course, this is all about the ranked choice voting system this time around and so, we say to choose from the following for your second and third choices: Herrera, Chiu or Rees. Or whatever, just keep in mind that it does actually matter who you put in there (ex. Jean Quan) and for the love of god, don’t list Lee like the Bike Coalition did to cover their asses by endorsing him for the third choice.

For District Attorney, well… probably Onek followed by Bock. If anyone has any feedback on this, chime in as we’re not really sold on any of them given we don’t like lawyers much.

For the rest of the ballot, use your common sense. We’ve already put out enough of an opinion to get spit roasted on and need the next week to read over all the blather of the eight additional propositions. Oh, we’d say to vote No on Prop G for additional sales tax given that this city seriously needs to learn how to live within its means as it has an 800,000, not 8 million residents…