Thursday, November 17th, you can go to City Hall Room 400 and toss your two cents in to the very deep hole that is the Academy of Art’s Institutional Master Plan. What, you weren’t aware that was actually a plan for the AoA other than buying up buildings to add to their real estate empire? Yes, there is, as the city started requiring it in 2006 (which happened to be a year before the AoA received accreditation) and you can read the updated version here.

Done with all 269 pages? Neither am I, but if you feel like getting a grasp of just how large the AoA has gotten, scan through all the addresses. Personally, my favorite bit is under “Transportation” on page 134:

It locates the bulk of its residential and educational buildings along or near existing transit corridors. It supplements City transit with a fleet of shuttle vehicles.

So, apparently we can all ride the princess limos as well? That’s awesome! I’ll make sure to bring up this topic at the hearing and profusely thank Elisa Stephens for her generosity in bolstering our public transportation system in these dire times of cutbacks…

If you want to have real fun, start looking up the addresses listed in the IMP and running them against the SF Property Map to get an idea of all the violations they’ve been racking up like 121 Wisconsin Street where they’re running an unlicensed parking lot for their princess limos.

Of course, that’s just the tip of iceberg. Look at all of the dorms (17 buildings in total) that were pretty much all illegally converted to dorms yet the AoA only claims to “lease”, yet the owner is either the Stephens Institute, Elisa Stephens, or some other name incarnation.