We’re sad to report that today is Little Bird’s last day in business. It was one of the few places in the Tenderloin (if not the only one) where you could have a full vegan breakfast, including vegan pastries, as well as the only coffeeshop in the neighborhood carrying Kombuch and Ritual and De la Paz coffee. As shown by the very high scores on review sites, it’s been a popular local business for the amount of time it’s been open at 835 Geary, a little over a year. But nothing lasts forever and today they are saying goodbye to all their faithful customers. they’ll be open until they sell out of everything, including coffee beans. A real shame given all the raging NIMBY bullshit that they had to contend with in the past year to get outdoor seating.

They made the decision to close just last Friday, so it’s been rather sudden and they’re still deciding what to do with the space going forward. There is a chance that the chef, Sam (who many have enjoyed for his vegetarian/vegan items) will try opening a more evening-oriented cafe/restaurant there. So, stay tuned, or better yet, head down there today to get one last cup of coffee like we did this morning. Little Bird, you will be missed.