What has been a papered-up space at the corner of Post & Polk for… shit, I don’t even know how long now, is finally open and it is now Mark’s Bar. I popped in tonight to check it out and take the incredibly crappy picture you see above. They apparently did a soft opening on Wednesday and are operating on a temporary alcohol license given that the sloth junta at the ABC still hasn’t approved their permanent license despite this space having previously been the Lush Lounge (also a bar!) before it moved further up Polk street.

I’m not sure if this is officially a gay bar or not as I only saw clean, well-dressed dudes in the place. Of course, if a pile of dudes lookin’ sharp is any reason to assume that a place is strictly gay, then the front of Ruby Skye about an hour before they close would be the gayest place in town this side of Pride Week.

Anyways, we now have one less vacant storefront in the hood and one more business up and running. And that, dear TenderFriends, is always a good thing.