As is typically the case, food news exploded about Grill House Mediterranean when it opened about a month ago at 533 Jones like Jane Kim falling in to a pool. Then of course, it tapered off, never to be heard of again as everyone was quoting some discussion forum on Chowhound and nobody actually ate there. We were out of town when it opened so it took us a few days to get around to trying their food. Last weekend, we finally stopped there for a bite and can now give you our seal of approval.

Yes, it is indeed tasty. They’ve got some fresh grilled shawarma meatness going down and if you want an alternative to what God created on the 8th Day (burritos) that is still in a wrapped form, you should stop in. They also serve it on a plate, if you prefer a more sit-down experience. Although the grilled meat is obviously the star in their menu, they also have a few nice salads, hummus and pide pies too. Since the chef, Vahit Beshir is Turkish (from Adana) everything is made Turkish-style. Which simply means delicious.

What really surprised us, though, was the size of the place. From the street it doesn’t look like much, with barely a dozen small tables and a counter in the back, but once you step in you discover they have a really nice dining room past the counter. And even another one upstairs for private parties! They both look very cozy and are nicely decorated, so both times we went we saw a couple of families chilling in there.

So, go in and stuff yourself silly with grill-o-city at one of our newest spots in the hood.