At some point, I’ve probably unwittingly shared ex-girlfriends with other dudes because yeah, women are just as slutty as guys and not only if they’re French. But, the thought of sharing a cigar with someone, even if a friend, even if a smaller “cigarillo”, repulses the shit out of me. If I have the cigar, then it’s my cigar. There are no condoms for cigars and I don’t want your smokey lip funk mixing it up with my smokey lip funk. Get your own and smoke it by yourself.

Oh, and while you’re at it, cigarillo-maker, paste your classy ads somewhere more befitting, like the side of the New Century Theater. That’s the kind of place for those who want to split a bit of nasty lip funk, unlike the corner of Jones & Post where you just split a plate of Nasi Goreng at Borobudur.