About a week ago we mentioned that Kare-Ken restaurant, specializing in Japanese curry, was about to open on Jones at Geary. The good news is that, after many delays, they’re finally opening tonight! (Right now, actually, and until they run out of food.)

It’s a soft opening as their interior is not fully finished, so they’ll only be serving to-go boxes from their sidewalk window. As you can see in the picture of the menu that we just snapped, they have chicken and pork katsu, dry beef and meatball curry as well as, of course, a vegetarian option. Since it’s their opening night, they’re having a special neighborhood price of $7 per box. Depending on how it goes tonight, they’ll be open during the weekend as well. Their full opening should be Thursday or Friday next week, when they’ll be serving their full menu.

Many of us have been waiting patiently for months for this to happen, so run there and get yourself some curry. We’ll update later with a photo of the one we’re about to get for ourselves. Enjoy!

>Update (1hr later)

Two words: yum, yum.

The katsu curry