Last week we brought about word of Thai Idea Veggie restaurant opening in the neighborhood. This week we bring you a run down of the food that we finally got to try. In a word: damned tasty. Well, that’s like two words, but we had five different dishes and I don’t know at this point if it’s more worrisome that fake meat tastes awesomely like real meat or that real meat tastes scarily like fake meat. Whatever the case, this was a fantastic meal.

We started out with a red cabbage cream amuse-bouche served in little mugs, which I don’t think is in the menu but was surprisingly rich and tasty. With it we had this beautiful crab cake appetizer (keep in mind that no animals were harmed in the creation of these dishes). It was a nice, crunchy, fried plate of goodness.

Then, we moved on to this “Thai crepe” as the owner, Pop called it. That was a serious WTF moment as we’d never had anything crepe-oriented in Thai food before. This one is apparently made with curry powder and coconut milk so it’s completely vegan. The filling is a mix of shredded young coconut meat, veggie chicken, tofu, bean sprouts topped with crushed peanuts, chilli and cilantro. Damn, that was good and it’s also one of those “off-menu” items that people might want to give a try.

From there, it was to the main dishes: we somewhat randomly chose the panang curry and the volcano beef, as everything in the menu sounded good. Again, it was all awesome as well as terrifying at the same moment given that the “beef” really tasted like damned beef. And look at that presentation in the photos below. Total class. Oh yes, note that there is a five level Spice Index you can request at Thai Idea: No Spice, Mild Spice, Medium Spice, Spicy, Thai Spicy. I went with Spicy and didn’t regret it.

We closed with another Thai crepe, but this one filled with some sweet goodness and a vegan coconut ice cream dessert that had some type of roasted peanuts on the side. It was a hot day yesterday, so the ice cream was melting fast, but like, whatever, as if I didn’t want to shove all that in my mouth as fast as I could.

Anyone who reads us often knows that we’ve been adoring lers ros since way before douche wad “expert” chefs from the Mission have “exposed it“. But lemme tell you, Thai Idea is great because it gives you a really serious alternative to really good Thai food in a classy setting, while making all your vegetarian and vegan friends extremely happy. Think of it as the place to bring mom when she’s visiting you in the Loin or that annoying vegan boy you have a crush on.

PS: If you’re somehow not convinced yet, here’s Vegansaurus’ endorsement. Satisfaction guaranteed!