So Tuesday night the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation held their 19th annual “celebrity” Pool Toss fundraiser at the Phoenix Hotel. And we say celebrity in quotation marks because the only name that rang a bell in their list of VIPS to be tossed in the pool was our favorite local politician to pick on, Supervisor Jane Kim. And of course, this event was yet another opportunity to pick on her because she’s as elegant as a one legged moose on a frozen lake. Just check out her pool toss outfit, including a fuchsia headband and a non-matching tracksuit instead of the bikini or summer dress that everyone in attendance was expecting:

Now, we already know that Jane Kim doesn’t know how to bicycle, but it appears she doesn’t know how to swim either. I mean, could she look any more like a wet pug? Thank god that the Golds Gym lifeguards were on hand to grab ass help her to safety. When asked for comment, Jane Kim simply wrote on her Facebook wall “That water is chilly!” and probably adding, “Wait, am I on a bike again?”

Not even after the dip in the pool, wet shirt and all, did Jane Kim manage to look the least bit sexy. At least Chris Daly last year wore a suit (and his wife), although it’s obvious that water, supervisors, and sexy are an ugly match.

In spite of the obvious lack of overall sexiness, this silly pool toss event somehow managed to raise $338,000 for the TNDC’s efforts to provide after school programs to low-income youth. Good for them.

And if unfashionable people jumping into hotel pools is your thing, check out the rest of the photos over at the Fog City Journal.