We just got word via SF Citizen that, starting early this morning and until early voting begins tomorrow at 8am, David Chiu will be holding a 24 hour marathon of campaign events throughout San Francisco. He will make a stop in our neighborhood at 2:30am to discuss public safety at the Tenderloin Police Station, 301 Eddy Street. So if you have insomnia and would like to experience being in the police station in the middle of the night, or you are a Chiu and/or Chiubacca fan who’d like to see how he looks when sleep-deprived, then don’t miss it.

Somehow this has reminded me of this great quote from criminologist David Kennedy from a discussion last week at the Stanford Law School with East Palo Alto Police Chief Ron Davis about strategies for reducing shootings and homicides in low income neighborhoods. David said he constantly faces skepticism that violence can be diminished in the inner city unless drug use and dealing are first eliminated. His response:

We have lots of communities in America that have drug use, drug dealing and no violence. They’re called ‘suburbs’.

So what do you guys think? Can violence be reduced in the Tenderloin without also reducing the amount of drug use and dealing?

Photo by Bluoz