From the wayback machine, we should mention this great Streetsblog article which talks about the scrawniness of bike lanes when you take in to account dumbshits that open their doors directly in to them without looking. I know I’ve had to always be on the lookout for dim-looking folks who try to take me out. In “crazy socialist” countries in Europe, they actually train people to open the door with their right hand to force them to look over their left shoulder before opening the door.

This explains why many cyclists are still riding on the sidewalk which I might add, is something I try to never do, or if I’m forced to because of road work (like those tards from PG&E), I crawl along at a walking pace. We’ve come a long way to being a more bike-friendly city, but there is still a way to go and painting crap on the ground that make it the cyclist’s problem to look out for parked cars is ridiculous. After all, would people open their doors in to moving cars like they do in to cyclists?