Ever get so frustrated about the current state of politics and long term thinking in the Tenderloin and Mid-Market area that you go so far as to start a blog? No? Well, fine, that’s just me then. But, if you are indeed frustrated, then surely you can take two seconds time to answer a poll that in theory will make your voice heard… or at least add your response to some governmental spreadsheet somewhere.

Some of the choices are sorta lame like under “What’s the most effective and/or important way to reduce vacancies and catalyze development?” I chose to write in “blight tax” because I thought that everything listed there would be as effective as voting for a Green party candidate in a national election. Do as you like, but if you have some time at the office (it’s only 6 questions) and Brad is lurking around the water cooler to tell you about the chick he banged last night from Ruby Skye, go on and answer.