In case you’re about to ask, “Holy shit on a cracker, what’s happening down at Civic Center today?” The word has been spread as part of Civic Response 2011, as reported by SF Citizen:

This will be a coordinated multi-organization joint evacuation drill involving the facilities management and security agencies, as well as the involved building tenants from within the San Francisco Civic Center area. This multi-agency drill will involve civilian and uniformed responders from the local and state government levels and is aimed at helping ensure public safety in the event of an actual emergency.

There will be approximately 1,500-1,800 building tenants evacuated and dozens of responders involved in this exercise. The participating agencies will activate their fire alarm plans and evacuate their tenants to pre-designated locations at Civic Center Plaza, UN Plaza, and the War Memorial area.

Participating Buildings – City Hall, Dept Public Health at 101 Grove Street, UC Hastings College of the Law, Veteran’s Building at 401 Van Ness.

Having been forced encouraged to participate in these at various workplaces, I find them to be more of an exercise in how things should be rather than how things are. In an actual emergency, a third of us are fighting with each other to direct the emergency, a third are running around like headless, flightless chickens, and another third are claiming that there is no emergency while adjusting our tinfoil hats.