With the implosion of the What’s up Dog? chain a few weeks ago (Goldentooth review), their disappearing act in to a mist of mystery meat left a few spaces around San Francisco, such as 518 Larkin where they had their Tenderloin shop (their only location serving the Stoner dog, topped with chili and fritos). Those whose need for hot meat was being unfulfilled may rest easy though, as Prime Dip took over the space earlier this month. Since this is right next door to beloved Saigon Sandwiches, we have to wonder how long they’ll stay around since nothing seems to be able to stay around very long in that location.

Prime Dip’s offer is, yes you’ve guessed it, a “dip-centric” assortment of sandwiches. And by that, I mean they all come with hot au jus for dipping in the range of $6-8. Apparently, they’re planning to expand in to more classic sandwiches in a little bit as well as get some kind of website up and running. It appears that Morty’s now has some competition. May the 2011 Sandwich Wars commence and may New Century Theater come up with clever side promotions.