I’ve been out of town for the last few days, checking out San Francisco Jr. (also known as Portland) which in many ways is currently bitchslapping San Francisco (better roads, better streetcars, better bike lanes, functional 3G, a food cart scene that actually is a scene and not just five carts circulating the city). Upon coming back, I found this which talks about the city getting rid of the public financing for the mayoral race. I’m really very much in favor of this action because this funding system is A) bullshit and B) refer to A.

As is typically the case, there is a gem of a comment:

Supervisor Jane Kim said she doesn’t support the amendment.

“It’s important for candidates to be able to stand against special interest contributions,” Kim said. She said that “there is some question as to whether litigation would be successful.”

For those who were unaware, Kim was bandied about the Tenderloin during the District 6 election by Randy Shaw, director of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic. This was even directly alluded to in this housing debate where I believe it was Jim Meko who said, while pointing at her, “And we all know that Randy Shaw has a candidate in this election”. And Kim has voted pretty much exactly as Randy has liked since getting elected. So, obviously we can all understand how the “independent” Kim would be very concerned about special interests due to her firsthand experience in the matter.