The Examiner reports that the police finally kicked out “…nearly a dozen squatters from a vacant Tenderloin building…” this morning. While the article only lists the “600 block of Geary Street” it needs to be elaborated on that this is actually 655 Geary, an abandoned building that appears to have been last used by the city several years ago.

Naturally, one might want to ask, “Oh, but how can such a nice big building be empty and let to rot in downtown San Francisco?” While you and I might wonder that, others didn’t and saw the opportunity to make a nice little drug haven. A few months back I saw a couple of thuggish guys forcing their way in to the door in the middle of the day. I called the cops, actually stayed around until they showed up, and then watched them pitifully kick a little at the door for about two seconds, give up, and leave. It was obvious that people were inside as the outside lock was broken and they’d barricaded the door from within. But no, that would have meant work.

I’m not exactly sure what the minimum number of calls is for the cops to actually fucking do something in this town other than mind their pensions. Whatever this critical mass of frustration must be, it appears it had been reached once the dirtbags inside had the audacity to install their own lock on the front door recently.

Once inside, as the article states, the cops found “an overwhelming odor of urine and feces with a swarm of flies in the air, making it difficult to breath”. Apparently, a canine unit was even denied entry to the building after it was deemed unsafe due to “the large amounts of blood, feces and discarded needles in the building”. Really, feces and discarded needles? I’m as shocked as you are.

We can only hope that someone actually does something with this empty space soon and that the owner stops speculating because as long as it remains vacant, it will be blight and get taken over by squatters doing drugs again.

>Update 9/10

And… it’s taken over by squatters doing drugs again as an eagle-eyed and phone-equipped reader wrote in today to let us know that despite the building being properly boarded up from the street level now, the dirtbag crew figured out that they could get in through the second floor by dropping the fire escape for easy access.

The fun appears to never end, although constant zero tolerance of a problem has indeed shown to do wonders in making it actually stop, but hey man, that’s work and there are lanes to double park in, in front of the Tenderloin Station to create gridlock.

>Update 10/7

A Tender reader sent us a tip saying that he saw two men enter 655 Geary at around 8pm tonight. One man unlocked the chain and entered through the gated entrance to the left while the other waited on the sidewalk. A few minutes later, he witnessed the boarded up entrance on the right of the building open, lights on inside, and the man from the sidewalk duck in. They closed up behind themselves. So it looks like this building continues to be one of the spots of choice of the neighborhoods junkies and/or dirtbags.