Sure, a mattress was set on fire on Hyde between O’Farrell and Ellis. Like, whatever. That shit’s just pulled off the police blotter.

The real fun comes in the fact that according to witnesses, the mattress had been initially propped up by some homeless dude who wanted privacy while slamming a #2 down between two cars. Because you know, we have a massive shit problem in SF so that makes total sense. Naturally, once done, he left the mattress standing which then invited some asswad to light it on fire, heavily damaging the SUV it was leaning against.

Oh yeah, it always melted one of the new SF Park meters which was hurriedly picked up immediately after the fire as apparently any breach in their tight smart meter network could endanger us all!

But gosh, it’d be great if an amazing, anonymous tender fan had video of this thing burning. In case you were wondering, our readers are the best:

If you happen to have any other videos, feel free to send them for inclusion in our Vimeo account.

And… if you happen to have been born after 1990 [sigh] and/or aren’t a fan of Australia bands, the title is a reference to Midnight Oil.