Shit. There, I said it. Shit, shit, shit. I said it again and if our byproduct of eating delicious meals bothers you, then that would explain why we have such a problem dealing with shit (excuse me, “feces”, no, wait, “shit”). Thankfully, as SFist noted from the full Bay Citizen article, attention is being paid to the fact that seeing some dude taking a dump between two cars is about as common these days as some mustachioed gentleman riding by on a fixie and going, “Ewwww…”

So the city, inspired by the success of parklets, are studying a plan that would put eco-friendly, translucent public toilets in parking spaces that are being dubbed: pooplets. Apparently the name shitlets was already taken and/or potentially offensive to delicate, new residents’ ears that don’t want to realize that what goes in, must come out and if you’re feeding 10,000 people, then that’s potentially 10,000 asses without a place to crap.

I’m not terribly keen on the fact that this study seems to have solely focused on the Tenderloin as shit is a problem all over San Francisco, but it is true that people don’t like talking about it in general, as noted in this article on the poo taboo or even better by the Gates Foundation:

I mean, we need to face the fact that while we don’t have Flying toilets (you should really check out that link) here we do have a massive shit problem and ignoring it has so far really not worked out so well.