It’s not that I like picking on Jane Kim, but more the fact that I get great pleasure out of it as she is so incredibly incompetent at her job, it nearly makes me incontinent. Case in point was this minor item from two months ago where apparently she was requesting that instead of the usual two staff aides per supervisor, she gets a budget allowance for three. When given to all the supervisors (because obviously everyone else has been complaining how hard their $96,000 a year job is) this would have totaled $1.1 million in city waste.

Naturally, her justification was sound:

“The Board of Supervisors budget is one of the few that has not grown in the last 10 years, and yet the work and constituent services we provide has grown,” Kim said. “I find it very challenging.”

Yeah, public service is like that. All work and no play. Oh wait. It turns out that in some crazy fucking attempt at being “cool”, dorky Supervisor Kim and her former roommate Chiu were flown to Burning Man —just for a day. According to the SFBG, the 24-hour itinerary included a flight aboard a private plane (which costs $4,325 for a five-seater), staffers to escort the pair through the playa (as that’s obviously very “challenging”), overnight accommodations arranged by the organizers and a morning flight back to SF.

Oh, quoteth The Chiu:

For several years, I’ve wanted to visit the Black Rock Desert to learn about how Burning Man is building 21st Century community, creating art, and fostering sustainability…

He went on to probably say off the record:

“Nah, just fucking with you. You can’t have real community when this is mainly all white people who paid a minimum of $1,000 to buy a ticket and come here. The art, while totally fucking awesome is paid for by patrons. As for sustainability, I just flew here in a private plane, bitches!

Jane Kim just sat there, nodding compliantly, and softly asking David when they’ll get away from these strange people so their aides can help them figure out their “burner fashion statement“.

We’d also like to put out the call that if anyone actually has a picture of Jane out on the Playa (or of her costume), we’ll do something extra special for you, but don’t think about cropping this shot on to a Critical Tits ride because we’re way, way ahead of you.