Came across this paste-up on Sutter between Leavenworth & Hyde at what I thought was a vacant lot, but is apparently used as a crappy garage. For those who remember, there used to be a full mural on the wall, but after years of tagging, they finally had to throw in the towel and paint it a nice, lovely urban beige.


This woman with the sad eyes is now in the company of another one by Hugh Leeman. And, as pointed out by a reader, the mural looks like it might be by Erin McAdams who lives in the area and whose art decorates the walls fo the Eleven O One restaurant Rone, an Australian artist who’s part of the Young & Free collective (here you can see another picture of this particular work on Sutter). Apparently he’s one of the most iconic artists in Australia, where he’s renowned for the stylised images of girls’ faces. And he’s in town for the show they group having at 941 Geary gallery, opening on Saturday. Don’t miss it.

>Update 9/10

The mural is now gone as somebody peeled it off, but you can see his work at the 941 Geary gallery until Ocober 22nd or you can check out a large mural by the Young & Free collective over at Hemlock Alley.