It appears that Asshole: the Boom Maker has a slightly retarded cousin living over on Larkin above Pho tau Bay. We witnessed this the other night when we saw him walk over to the window above the awning and toss a bag full of garbage down through the hole for the fire escape. It missed some people walking by about two feet while Tosser ran back inside. That cat you see in the upper right of the photo was very much not amused by the ordeal. He seems to be thinking “no wonder the city will now hire 200 people to sweep the sidewalks and pick up trash. Moron.”

Let’s just get it straight that if some of you people want to start a new trend of tossing shit out your windows on to the sidewalk (this includes cigarettes) please let me know when you’ll be walking by my window so that I can practice juggling my collection of hammers. Spoiler: I suck at juggling, but have a lot of hammers.