The whole crime data mapping thing is interesting, but honestly, a waste of money. Yum! Brands figured all this shit out years ago. Basically, if you want to know where things are bad in a neighborhood, just look for a combination KFC/Pizza Hut/Taco Bell/WingStreet[wtf?]/Long John Silver’s and there you go, you’re in the ghetto.

Case in point, that combo Taco Bell/KFC in the Bayview with the bulletproof glass on the drivethru. Or, better yet, our own combo KFC/Taco Bell at the corner of Polk & Eddy under the EINE mural. For anyone screaming about gentrification from Twitter and Brenda’s, I want to toss down that card on the table and say, STFU. Major props to Google Maps for hiding the Colonel’s face by the way.

Anyways, enjoy “Combination Taco Bell and Pizza Hut” by Das Racist to sober you up and get the Playa out of your ears after your Labor Day/Burning Man hedonism.