Several years ago I was going over to Berkeley on a daily basis to take language classes that would eventually allow me to converse with our beloved “nutjob”. One day, some dude wearing a Raider’s blanket for a cape was walking around yelling, “Blah! Hammock! Blah, blah!” all while carrying a frozen, unwrapped turkey.

In many ways, that made a great deal more sense than what I saw today coming back from my Zumba class (ditch the workout, join the party, bitches) which was a very similar turkey just sitting on Sutter at Larkin near where the tranny hookers do their thing and give the Whoa Man the salty flavoring we all love. I have no idea where this turkey came from and I have no idea where it’s going, but naturally, I photographed that mofo in order to share its glory with you.