From the outside it’s just blocked sidewalks and fences at the moment, but walk down Hemlock off Van Ness and you’ll see that the demolition work on the old United Artists Galaxy Theater (which closed somewhere around 2006 I believe) has started. What’s going up in its place is a 13 story building with 105+ condos, 180 off street parking spaces, and 15,000 square feet of retail space in on the ground level. The units will actually be rather large for the area at 1,055 square feet. You’ll also notice on this old SocketSite article that this was reported on way back in 2007.

All this time I thought that they were just sitting on this eyesore, but it appears that they were actually in the process of demolishing it. Rumor had spread awhile back that the retail space was to be a Trader Joe’s. That would have been nice, but obviously turned out to not be the case. As to what took so long to get this blight swapped out in to a very livable space is anyone’s guess although it could easily have been the case that the urban lower Polk NIMBY wonder team of Chapman-Oberdorf-Garcia (or others) had something to do with it as obviously there could be a fire/prostitution threat from new condo construction or some other bullshit like that.