Making the rounds lately is the announcement of a couple of old, partially painted-over advertising murals getting renewed. Naturally, given that EINE won’t even charge the $300 in paint needed to do a wall, the $35,000 grant is questionable as hell, but beyond that, there’s the bigger question of, “Why?”

I’m all for beautification of the Loin and programs like Art in Storefronts are okay, but I have to say I’m a much bigger fan of a program I call, “Stores in Storefronts” (or maybe even “Turdless Streets”). But where empty storefronts are just blight/speculation, I actually like these murals and I like them how they are, in their aged form.

In fact, given the current design tastes, I amazed that they thought this was needed. Just check out the logo for our alleged local coffee “mega-chain”, Blue Bottle Coffee, or look at the website selections on #9 of this poll (vote Tender BTW). Old timey and worn is in! Let our murals peel and save the money for… I don’t know… some other misappropriation of public funds such as: Co-Working for Workless Peoples.