So, the Supervisor redistricting has begun and we’ll see where the rubble may lie once it’s all over. You see, it’s not just balancing out population, but also the voting power of minorities. Given how much people move in SF, I find this to be a fruitless task, but again, we’ll see what comes of it.

Most people are of the opinion that the biggest changes will happen to District 6 as there has been a great deal of population growth here over the last decade. This means that some chunk of D6 will be lobbed off and tossed in to another district. A logical choice would be to put Treasure Island as part of D3, although due to the bridge connection to the island coming from D6, maybe not. Then of course there is the possibility of chopping off that chunk of Hayes Valley that’s part of it, or even the North Mission part as noted by an SFGate commenter:

One solution could be cutting off the North Mission and/or the TL and shifting the boundaries of those districts accordingly. This could make D6 more politically moderate, which would be interesting for Jane Kim’s reelection in 2014.

It’s this last part that’s most notable as that’s where Jane Kim lives. Unless she’s recently moved, she’s very near Zeitgeist and if North Mission is split between D8 & 9, come April or earlier, she’ll find herself living outside her district and eventually in violation of the residency requirement, like Ed Jew was. So yes, it could easily be the case that Jane will have to move in to SOMA or the Tenderloin (gasp!) and reside in the most dominant neighborhoods of her district.

Naturally, I’d be thrilled if she chose not to move and resigned from her seat. That’d be an even better option.