After our little Sunday Streets photo recap yesterday, a tipster sent us a link to this post from new blog 415hills (self-described as an “Afrod mixed chick philosophizing in TL, SF, CA with a piglet and orchids”).

Sunday Streets was in my neighborhood this past Sunday, which created the perfect opportunity to draw chalk art in the middle of the street. Jonathan and I chose the intersection of Larkin and Ellis for it’s smooth black pavement. We both began drawing our own designs and after a few minutes, I had strangers approach me and ask if they could use the chalk. Before I knew it, there was a whole mural of chalk in the intersection and an impromptu game of kickball. Many people asked me if I was an organizer, I replied “I just brought the chalk”. I had no idea a box of chalk would lead to such fun.

Go check out more photos of Sunday’s improvised chalk drawing session, over at 415hills.