As those of you who left the house before 4pm noticed, yesterday Sunday Streets took over the Civic Center/Tenderloin area. And unlike last year’s rainy disaster, this time it was quite pleasant and well-attended. There were lots of activities throughout the day, such as live music, chalk drawing on the pavement, mural spray-painting, hip-hop dancing, tai-chi classes, games for children, the obligatory political campaigners and, of course, bikes, bikes, bikes.

Naturally, this was all greatly to the annoyance of this car-sexual who was very, very pouty and stomping his little feet about the fact that he couldn’t park for five hours, in the one neighborhood in all of San Francisco where you truly can live without a car (humin has been doing it for a decade and without working in SF).

Since we were too lazy to take our cameras with us when we toured the car-free streets of Tenderloin on our recently-acquired bikes, we selected a few from our Tender Flickr pool, for those of you who missed this glorious day. Actually, it’s more of a recap by neighborhood photographer and Tender friend Erik Wilson, aka Generik11.


Streetsblog has a nice writeup about Sunday Streets including several other great photos of the unusual sight of a car-free Tenderloin. Check it out.