It’s that time again to ask for your indulgence to help us “go for the gold” or something like that. In this case, it’s the SF Weekly 2011 Web Awards. Finally someone decided to set up an award that’s for what San Francisco does best which is digital shitz. We’re asking you to write in “The Tender” for “Best Flickr Pool” as well as “Best Neighborhood Blog”. Because we’re the best, obviously (no, we are, really).

As you can see, this is just a nomination. Also as you can see, the judges are local digitalites which probably doesn’t bode well for us given that I tried to date Kevin Montgomery’s sister and gave Beth Spotswood a bloody nose in that drinking “mishap” at Tunnel Top (we did vote for her on 7×7’s ‘Hot 20 under 40‘ competition, which she won…). Whatever. Go vote if you’re bored at work.