OMG! Look at these two buckets of cuteness! Yes, Thomas and Andrew are two wire haired dachshunds that we encountered on Leavenworth one day. Given how much we stalk Vixen in that vicinity, it’s amazing that we didn’t run in to them sooner.

Andrew (the brown one, pictured above) is the attention-whore of the two, getting right up in your face and demanding attention (and licking it too). Thomas (the black and white one) is a bit more aloof in the more normal dachshund fashion and gives off the air that you can pet him if you really must. As you can see in this picture, he’s couldn’t care less about you.

Whatever the case, they’re both pretty awesome and soft and adorable. They could give serious cuteness challenge to that brown and white speckled dachshund we’ve seen around Sutter & Leavenworth many times recently (often demanding attention from the outdoor customers at Cup-a-Joe). By the way, to the owner of said dachshund, if you want to have him featured, let us know!

If you, too, want your own little doggie to show off on Facebook and invading your sofa, these little adoptable fellas at the SPCA website.