Here at The Tender we’re big fans of Public Barber Salon. We have no idea where anyone was getting their hair cut in this neighborhood before they opened in 2008, but in their 3 years of operations they have become the salon of choice for a lot of the Loinsters we know. Since I only get one or two haircuts a year (basically when I get tired of looking like a cast member of the Rocky Horror Picture Show and/or my mom’s comments), I hadn’t had the chance to use their services since their opening. A couple of friends had effusively recommended Adriel, but I didn’t request a specific stylist and I ended up having my hair cut by Jennie. Doesn’t she look adorable? (and according to the website she can hold quarters in her dimples)

But besides the cuteness of some (or maybe all) of the stylists, here are the main reasons we like Public Barber Salon:

-They’re affordable! (where can a girl get a haircut for under $35 in this city anymore?).
-They have long hours, and are open until 9pm from Tuesday to Saturday (the evenings are usually so animated it feels like a bar).
-They only do same day or next day appointments. Which means not having to deal with “sorry, we’re booked out until next Christmas” bullshit and being able to look fabulous in short notice.
-They’re just a couple of blocks away from The Tender HQ, making them super-convenient for our lazy asses.
-Once a month, they have cool art shows.
-Oh, and you can even get your fix of theloin apparel there (such as the ‘I <3 TL‘ shirts).

And, I learned during my last week’s visit, Public Barber Salon is looking to open a second location in San Francisco and possibly even elsewhere.