A couple of days ago a mysterious photo of the long-defunct Ramon’s Tailor was posted on our Facebook wall. The poster was the even more mysterious Mrs Robinson Society, which we were not familiar with. Last night, as we were on our way to check out the launch of the Burning Man Project at the UN Plaza, we stopped by 628 Jones to see what was going on. We found this intriguing window display.

We heard some voices, so we entered the building at our own risk. Fortunately, a familiar face immediately welcomed us. Laura, a beloved regular at farm:table, a very fashionable lady and one of the founding Mrs Robinsons, was very impressed by our sleuthing skills. Apparently we had stumbled upon the opening night of the new incarnation of Ramon’s Tailor, a new creative space that will host art shows, salons and all sorts of other cool events. Next week, for example, they’re having a “grand open house” on Saturday from 11 to 4pm. And in September they’ll have a parklet for Park(ing) day–the temporary, one day kind, so NIMBYs don’t need to get their hooves in a tizzy.

If last night is any indication of the events to come, we can’t wait for more. It was also Frank‘s birthday (one of the owners, the other one being his wife) so they had a bar from Rye on the Road that was serving cocktails like the Dogpatch (a modified Manhattan) or the Old Cuban (something delicious with rum). They even somehow managed to fit a live music trio in that small, basement-y space. For their opening night they had a special show dedicated to the original Ramon’s Tailor, featuring vintage dresses and each of their alteration stories. The show was put together by the Mrs Robinson Society, whose members could be identified because they were sporting pink measuring tape necklaces. Since they are a very glamorous group, they were were measuring up the guests and giving them cards with a list of tailors in San Francisco so they could go get some fancy clothes made. (Since I was wearing an old t-shirt and dirty cargo pants, they didn’t even bother with me.)