The kouign-amann is this delicious little French pastry from the Brittany region that in the Breton language simply means, “cake” and “butter”. In my language that means, “pornographic gastronomy not fit for children”. Starter Bakery has been making these little flaky bad boys (in addition to croissants) in Oakland for a few months now. Unfortunately it’s only a wholesale bakery that has only been selling to farmers’ markets and cafés in the East Bay. Now they’re finally getting a wider reach, thanks to farm:table‘s connections with the former Blue Bottle Coffee roasting facility where Starter Bakery has their kitchen (as well as Firebrand bread that farm:table also carries). So kouign-amann can now be found at farm:table on weekends (Fri-Sun), the first location in San Francisco. This is great news for my pastry-loving fat ass as it means I don’t have to even think about going to Oakland to get them.

As this is the first weekend that farm:table is carrying these delicious babies, of course we had to go get some (as well as one of their mini-croissants as we’re on a permanent quest for the perfect croissant in San Francisco). The croissant was good, but as we guessed it might be based on all the buzz, the kouign-amann was fantastic. I can still taste all the butter barely pumping through my blood as I write this. The downside (as life always has downsides, dammit) is that they are in no way cheap. That little nugget you see above, which is about 3.5 inches across costs a whopping $4.75. So, if you’re up for sticking down a Lincoln to get some goodness, your day has come.

Update 8/6

Oops, we did it again today. These things are so addictive!