Tonight at Bamboo Bike Studio they had the culmination of Alabamboo’s effort to bike across the US when this gang of four completed their bike ride on bamboo bicycles from Alabama to San Francisco to promote Alabama’s bamboo industry.

I would say that with the Tacos Santana truck there and Tecates all around it looked to be a good time, but I pretty much flat-out missed it as I caught the very end when I was coming back from the gym, glistening in my god-like sweat. Thus the reason for the totally shit photo up top as I only had my iPod given that my Spandex body suit holds nothing but me. I gave Justin a hard time about making sure to get the word out next time as they’ve got a lot of cool things going on there and y’all should hear about them.

If interested, check out the insane pedal route and get sore just thinking about it.