A couple of days ago we wrote about the city’s Public Health Department shutting down hookah lounges due to the state ban on indoor smoking. And while most neighbors don’t seem extremely sad about the loss of Cairo Nights (I know my tear ducts are dry), some of us have been wondering about the fate of other, more responsible hookah lounges.

It turns out that Nile Cafe on Jones & Geary (whose owner is the same as Jebena coffeeshop on Polk & Geary) is making a go of trying to transition themselves in to being a proper day-time cafe serving breakfast and lunch. Currently they are just an evening cafe, opening from 4 or 5 to 4am on weekends and 12:30 during the week. They’re planning to start opening in the morning, serving breakfast and lunch. They also applied for a parklet a few days ago, which would be a great addition on that block. With Dottie’s closing this area will be ripe for new cafe and eatery business as, despite the current thug bleed over from O’Farrell, tourists wander these parts in desperate search of sustenance.